32 gorgeous breakfast-in-bed recipes for Valentine’s Day

Serving your sweetheart breakfast in bed is a no-brainer way to show your love on special days.
Mother's day recipes: Buckwheat waffles recipe
Buckwheat waffles recipe
James Moffat

Valentine’s Day should be fun, relaxing and romantic – but all too often, going out on February 14 is none of those things.

So why not stay in, treat your loved one to a delicious home-cooked meal and actually enjoy yourself?

Valentine’s Day recipes you can bring your sweetheart in bed, including eggs benedict, waffles, pancakes and more!

Would you prefer Valentine’s Day dinners or Valentine’s Day desserts to share with your love?


Vanilla bean crumpets

Vanilla bean crumpets

Our simple crumpets recipe will have you falling love with making these classic breakfast treats at home.


Apple pie oats

Apple pie oats

Don’t settle for boring breakfasts.


Mushroom and goat’s cheese omelette

Mushroom and goat’s cheese omelette

Get cracking on this quick and simple meal.

Best pancakes ever


Our best pancakes

Our best pancakes

Yep, we said it! Big call to make but these fluffy favourites are simply the best you can get!

bircher muesli


Bircher muesli

Bircher muesli

Create this Swiss-style overnight oats for a healthy make-ahead breakfast. Fresh apple, oats, raisins, nuts and apple juice come together in harmony


Crab benedict

Crab benedict

Give this classic breakfast dish a bit of a seafood boost.

sunday fry-up


Classic Sunday breakfast fry-up

Classic Sunday breakfast fry-up

Whether it’s to soak up the remnants of last night’s over-indulgence or just a hearty way to start the day you can’t beat a good ol’ English fry up.

breakfast frittata


Breakfast frittata

Breakfast frittata

There is nothing much more satisfying for breakfast or brunch (or lunch, or dinner!) than a colourful frittata served with hot buttered toast.

Breakfast Jaffle


Breakfast jaffle

Breakfast jaffle

Bacon, eggs and chutney sandwiched between two pieces of toast is a great way to start the day. Perfect for the morning after the night before.


Creamy raspberry coconut smoothie

This creamy coconut and raspberry smoothie uses finely blended cashews to achieve a thick creamy consistency with zero dairy. On top of that, raspberry and coconut are a match made in heaven.


Apple-stuffed french toast with butterscotch sauce

This apple-stuffed french toast with butterscotch sauce is the ultimate decadent breakfast if you’re looking to spoil your partner this Valentine’s Day.


Buttery French brioche

Brioche is one of the most sumptuous of all breads. The cake-like texture and lightly sweetened flavour in this buttery French brioche make it perfect for Valentine’s Day breakfast. Serve it sweet with our cinnamon cranberry butter, or enjoy it savoury with some fresh ham.


Chickpea shakshuka

This Morrocan-inspired chickpea shakshuka is rich and delicious breakfast dish with a satisfyingly spicy kick. Served with thick toast to mop up all that delicious sauce, this dish is the perfect accompaniment to an early morning Netflix and snuggle on Valentine’s Day.


Banana maple pancakes

Nothing says “I love you” like bringing a teetering pile of delicious banana maple pancakes to the table. Forget Valentine’s Day, this one works every day of the year!


Love potion juice

All of the ingredients in this refreshing “love potion” juice recipe are thought to be natural aphrodisiacs. Watermelon, chilli, pineapple and pomegranate also happen to contain lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Breakfast croissants

This light, flaky golden croissant is beautiful stuffed with fresh ham, eggs and oozy melted cheese to create the perfect lazy weekend breakfast or brunch.


Berry semolina porridge

This delicious and nutritious berry semolina porridge is suitable for diabetics. Add your favourite mixed berries, pistachios and nuts for an extra crunch, and fruity flavour.


Maple pecan scrolls

Packed full of crunchy, nutty pecans, the sweetness of these fluffy buns are beautiful topped with a sweet maple glaze. Enjoy them warm or cool with a cup of tea or coffee.


Roasted pears with cinnamon labne

A sweet and spiced fruity indulgence! Treat yourself to this these tender roasted pears in a lemon herbal tea syrup. Ideal for diabetics.


Acai breakfast bowl

Acai berries contain very high levels of antioxidants, good-for-you fatty acids along with loads of essential vitamins and minerals – great for cardiovascular health and reducing cancer risk.


Grilled fruit salad with coconut yoghurt

Enjoy a nourishing grilled fruit salad with creamy coconut yoghurt for breakfast- a fresh fruity way to start the day! This recipe is suitable for diabetics.


The basic crepe recipe every cook needs

Perfect your crepes with our basic crepe recipe and master this versatile French dish that never goes out of fashion.


Banana and choc-almond toastie

Rise and shine with these decadent and wholesome banana and choc-almond toasties – a perfect start to the morning!


Strawberry croissant French toast

Hold onto your hat, this strawberry croissant French toast is the ultimate romantic breakfast gesture. It’s the perfect sweet treat to bring your sweetheart come Valentine’s Day morning.


Crumpets with rhubarb compote

Indulge in these delicious crumpets with sweet rhubarb compote – perfect as a decadent treat.

Buckwheat waffles recipe


French toast

Silky and sweet and swimming in maple syrup – French toast is the ideal breakfast when you have a little extra time.


Croissant breakfast bake

This one-pot wonder combines buttery French croissants with a creamy egg, cheese and salmon filling, ideal for sharing with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.


Scrambled eggs, smashed avocado and bean breakfast wrap

Rise and shine with this hearty and delicious scrambled egg, smashed avocado and bean breakfast wrap – wholesome energy for the whole morning. This recipe is suitable for diabetics.


Breakfast beans with bacon, sausages and eggs

Home made baked beans, with bacon, sausages and eggs really is the full monty when it comes to a great breakfast. Toast a couple of slices of good bread, brew a cup of your favourite joe and you’re set for the day.


Maple gingerbread muffins with kumara butter

Full of delicious wholesome ingredients, these sweet and tasty maple gingerbread muffins are free of dairy and refined sugar. Served with a divine kumara butter, they make a healthy alternative for your breakfast.


Eggs benedict

If you truly want to impress your Valentine, bring them eggs benedict in bed! Perfectly poached eggs on ham or smoked salmon, drizzled with rich hollandaise sauce – what’s not to love?


Gluten-free buckwheat waffles with golden syrup

The stunning buckwheat waffles with golden syrup are both gluten- and dairy-free for an indulgent Valentine’s Day treat that won’t upset tummies. If you don’t have a waffle iron a jaffle iron will do just as well.

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