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Get ahead of your hunger with these delicious (and often healthy) snack recipes and ideas—including keto snack recipes, children’s snacks and more.

Spiced macadamias in a white bowl plus three gift bags

Spiced nuts

These smoky spiced macadamias are great for snacking and add a crunchy burst of flavour to sprinkle over salads. They make great gifts too, packed up into jars or cellophane bags.
Shards of yoghurt bark dotted with raspberries

Yoghurt bark

This twist on frozen yoghurt makes for a fun after school snack in the warmer months.
Berries coated in frozen yoghurt and sprinkled with nuts

Frozen yoghurt berry bites

This healthier twist on chocolate covered strawberries is a fun snack to have in the freezer during the warmer months.