20 delicious recipes to try in your pie maker

This handy appliance can make more than just the standard pie.
kmart pie maker recipes

The pie maker has taken Australian kitchens by storm. Here, we’ve shared our favourite recipes that adapt easily (and deliciously!) to your pie maker and we now have a cookbook you can buy too.

We have plenty more pie recipes in our sweet and savoury pie gallery.

Looking to get your hands on a pie maker to test out these recipes?

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Understandably, the first recipe we’d expect to be able to make in the Kmart pie maker is a meat pie – and this beef and mushroom pie is just the ticket. Get creative with fillings like this Thai chicken pie recipe, or even this chicken, brie and cranberry pie.

You can also experiment with party pie recipes like these beef and onion party pies or chicken and mushroom party pies.


vegan cauliflower cheeze pies

Vegan cauliflower cheeze pies

Veg out with one of these easy pies.


Make butter chicken roti pies in your pie maker

Make butter chicken roti pies in your pie maker

Make the most of this humble appliance.


Aussie meat pies

Aussie meat pies

A simple dinner made in your new favourite appliance.


Fruit mince pies

Making delicious fruit mince pies just got a whole lot easier with your Kmart pie maker.


Make smoky chicken and corn pies in your pie maker

Smoky chicken and corn pies

Ready in no time!


Easy cookies and cream pies recipe

I think it’s pretty safe to say that cookies and cream is a popular flavour for just about any dessert. Here, we’ve shared our recipe for an easy cookies and cream pies recipe that has been adapted to your the pie maker.


apple pies

These sweet apple pies are as easy as pie to make.


beef taco pies

Beef taco pies

Let’s taco ’bout it!


How to make custard tarts in your pie maker

These sweet custard tarts are as easy as pie to make. Take a few simple ingredients, add in your pie maker and dessert can be on the table in no time!


Cherry lattice pies for your pie maker

Cherry lattice pies for your pie maker

This handy appliance can make more than just the standard pie.


How to make apricot danish in your pie maker

How to make apricot danish in your pie maker

Easy as pie…



No need to worry about pre-heating the oven when you make muffins in your Kmart pie maker! Cooking times will vary from the recipe, so keep your eyes on these muffins as they cook. You’ll know they’re cooked through when a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.

These berry and yoghurt muffins are sure to go down a treat, and we can’t get enough of these maple gingerbread muffins! And let’s not forget the classic blueberry muffin.



Like muffins, these friand recipes are easily adapted to your Kmart pie maker. These almond and strawberry and almond friands are a great first try, or honey pistachio friands. Don’t forget to test with a skewer to see if they’re cooked through.



Whip up some of these delicious tart recipes in your Kmart pie maker! Recipes like these caramel tarts are perfect – they don’t even use pastry! Neenish tarts would also work well, as would these jam drop tarts or mixed berry tarts.



Don’t worry! You’re still reading that article about Kmart pie maker recipes! Yes – your Kmart pie maker is actually really good at making eggs. If you struggle to make poached eggs the traditional way you can crack an egg into you Kmart pie maker instead! Simply add a few teaspoons of hot water to your heated pie maker, crack an egg in and let it cook for 3-5 minutes. Once you’ve cooked your easy-peasy poached egg serve it on top of mixed mushrooms and smoked salmon for stunning brunch.

Your Kmart pie maker can also create the perfect cooked eggs to add to a bacon and egg roll. Follow the steps above but cook the egg for a little longer for a tender cooked egg that won’t drip all over the shop!



So they won’t come out looking like these mini pancakes but this pikelet recipe will be delicious in your Kmart pie maker. Think of those adorable fat and fluffy dutch pannenkoeken. Add some bluberries to the batter, or serve with a generous drizzle of lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar.

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Women’s Weekly Food – Zucchini Slice


mini frittatas

This might be controversial to say but really, isn’t a frittata just a pie without pastry? It’s a no-brainer that your Kmart pie maker would make a delicious mini frittata. This spinach and feta mini frittata is a great place to start. You can pretty much toss your favourite ingredients in so why not give these corn and zucchini frittatas a whirl or even this tasty chicken and basil frittata recipe.


mini quiches

If a frittata is a pie without pastry then a quiche is somewhere in between – perfect for your Kmart pie maker. We love these goat’s cheese and zucchini flower mini quiches. Goat’s cheese with caramelised onion is also delightful, as are these mini ham and corn quiches.


pinwheels & scrolls

Experiment with these spinach and feta pinwheels when you next get a chance! We also have cheesymite scrolls and these ham, cheese and zucchini pizza scrolls to make in your Kmart pie maker!



Crumpets are usually cooked on the stove top in an egg ring but we think these crumpets with rhubarb compote would fair pretty well in the Kmart pie maker! If you don’t love rhubarb so much we also have crumpets with berry compote.


Triple choc-chunk brownies

Triple choc-chunk brownies

These brownies are lovely and moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside – just as a good brownie should be.


Pie-maker cinnamon scrolls

These cinnamon scrolls are full of flavour and super easy to make in your pie-maker.

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