Polly Waffles are returning to shelves in 2024

Chocolate lovers, rejoice. The Polly Waffle is making its long-anticipated comeback.
New Polly Waffle bites in their original chocolate bar-inspired packaging
New Polly Waffle bites in their original chocolate bar-inspired packaging

Who had the return of Polly Waffles on their 2024 bingo card? Well punch that hole, because the Aussie favourite is back. The long-absent iconic Aussie chocolate bar is due to return to shelves on April 12 … albeit in a slightly different form.

Supermarket and convenience store shelves have had a gaping Polly Waffle-shaped hole since 2009, when the treats were discontinued after producers Rowntree Mackintosh were acquired by Nestlé. In 2019, Australian confectionery company Robern Menz, now rebranded as Menz Confectionery, signed an agreement with rights holder Nestlé to begin production of new Polly Waffle bars, much to the delight of Aussies everywhere. 

How are the bites different to the bar?

The difference between the classic Polly Waffle Bar and the new Polly Waffle Bites is all in the shape. The bar came in a classic cylindrical form, with crisp layers of wafer wrapped snugly around a marshmallow centre, and then dipped in chocolate. The new Polly Waffle Bites are essentially the same product, just tucked creatively into very cute little bite-sized spheres, perfect for sharing or snacking. So there’s no need to worry, chocolate purists. Same great taste, new funky shape. And, as an added bonus, they remain gluten-free!

The new, creative Polly Waffle Bites have been in development for several years, with Covid-related setbacks keeping the delicious marshmallow treats from entering Australian households.

Menz Confectionery CEO Phil Sims has had a hand in reinvigorating other classic nostalgic Australian sweets like the beloved Violet Crumble, so bringing back the Polly Waffle has been a passion project of his.

Committed to quality and respecting the Polly Waffle’s lasting legacy, Sims cites the element of nostalgia as the reasoning behind the Polly Waffle’s pint-sized makeover, “the original bar would require even more time and cost, without the guarantee that it would have the same quality that consumers remember.” Sims said.

Unable to recreate the original bar in all of its marshmallow-y glory, Menz Confectionery pivoted to the bite-sized spheres, in a bid to cut costs, retain the classic flavour, and get the products onto Aussie shelves.

Where can I buy the new Polly Waffles?

The new Polly Waffle Bites are being produced in South Australia. They will start rolling out to supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores from April 12 in 125g packets (RRP $5.50). Happy snacking!

If you’re looking to make your own iconic Australian treats, check out our recipes for iconic Australian biscuits. Or try this recipe for an inverted Polly Waffle dessert.

Correction: the first version of this story listed local Drake IGA stores as the first to receive the product. This information was supplied in error and has been removed from the article.

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