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What produce is in season this March?

Make the most of fresh produce this month.

Buying in season food is the best way to enjoy top-quality produce on a budget. Here we show you what’s in season this March and how to use it.



Cauliflower has really come into its own lately and now is the time to jump on the bandwagon as they’re at their best. Of course, there is the classic creamy cauliflower bake that we all know and love but you could mix things up with these modern recipes. Try whole-roasting and serving with creme fraiche or a miso glaze. Or add to a salad with pumpkin, chilli and cashews. Or if you’re trying to reduce carbs, swap out your rice for cauliflower rice.



“Eat your broccoli or there’s no dessert.” Almost all of us have heard or said that line at least once in our lives which when you consider is kind of strange considering just how delicious and versatile broccoli can be. From a noodle dish with garlic and beef or roasted with barley and haloumi, broccoli really is the MVP of green vegetables. Whether you’re being healthy and adding to a chicken or squid stirfry or in the mood for big flavours like this pancetta and blue cheese gratin, you can’t go wrong with these little green trees.



March is the time for pears, the often overlooked little sibling of apples, to finally take the spotlight. Perfect in desserts or in salads or roasted as sides, pears are the real deal. Try poaching with buttermilk pancakes or bake and serve with turkey. They’re just as good served with this rich chocolate tart or baked into the maple syrup crunch too. You can’t go wrong.


Brussels sprouts

Ah, brussels sprouts. Due to its less than positive reputation in movies and TV shows, the humble veggie is not a staple in many households. But for the brave at heart, their courage is totally worth it. Brussels sprouts are perhaps the most underrated veggie there is. Packed with texture and flavour, the addition of brussels sprouts to any dish it so worth it. Try frying with cream and almonds or roasting with cauliflower to make the ultimate winter salad. Or pair with crispy pancetta or a pork stir fry for a super salty, charcoal flavour. Feeling fit? Try roasting and adding them to a lentil salad. You won’t even feel like you’re being healthy.



The humble little green fruit, that doesn’t actually originate in New Zealand, is at its best in March and although eating them fresh is delicious sometimes that is not enough. Try adding to an apple jam or even just plain kiwifruit if that’s your jam (pun intended). You could even serve them at your next get-together either in a cheesecake or a classic sponge cake. Or try something a bit different with these fruit salad rice paper rolls.



Quince is probably best known in its form as quince paste, a frequent inclusion on the classic cheese board. But it has so much more potential. Try poaching and serving with cheesecake or making into a pie. They even work with savoury dishes too. Try glazing your next lamb or ham with quince and be amazed at the taste sensation.



Artichokes are sometimes overlooked as boring but these little veggies sure can pack a punch of flavour. Do as the Italians and make Roman-style artichokes or try your hand at marinating your own artichoke hearts. Make these veggie pizzas or fritters for your next meat-free Monday. Or pair tender artichokes with garlic anchovy crumbs.



Figs are only in season for a short amount of time so make the most of it with these 5 recipes. Try glazing with balsamic or perhaps just eat them fresh with a sheep milk yoghurt or panna cotta. Baking them is another great way to draw out the flavour especially when paired with veal loin. Or keep it simple with the glazed fig bruschetta. You can’t go wrong.



This month is the perfect time to add some asparagus to your repertoire. Simply boil the asparagus and add to a snow pea and almond salad, as a side to some chicken, topped with three separate toppings or drizzled with chive butter and voila you’ve got yourself a feast. Alternatively roast the asparagus with some smashed potatoes for the ultimate side dish.



Apples may be available in the supermarket all year round but in March is really when this fruit is at its best. Bake them and serve with roast pork or roasted goose. Or if you are more of a sweet tooth try an apple, strawberry and rosemary crumble, an apple and cinnamon crunch cake or a classic caramel apple crumble.

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