49 creative carrot recipes

All of our favourite sweet and savoury recipes made with carrots.

Whether they take a starring role or feature as a supportive sidekick these carrot recipes are guaranteed to add a delightful sweetness as well as fibre and nutrients including vitamin A to your diet. Is there a more versatile vegetable out there? Eat them raw, roast them as the perfect slow-cooked lamb accompaniment, or bake them into a gorgeous carrot cake. Enjoy your carrots glazed, roasted, blended or raw – the humble carrot works well across savoury and sweet recipes alike.

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tuna and carrot pinwheels
Quick & Easy
July 31, 2009

Tuna and carrot pinwheels

You can substitute the extra ricotta with cream cheese, if you like. Note
By Women's Weekly Food
carrot dip
Quick & Easy
June 30, 2011

Carrot dip

Cumin gives a lovely hint of spice to this sweet carrot dip. Serve as part of an after-school snack with blanched vegetables such as snow peas, baby corn or red capsicum (bell peppers).
By Women's Weekly Food

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