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What’s in season: August

From tangy citrus fruits to fresh greens, here's what's in season in August in Australia.
Grapefruit salad

Ruby grapefruit, orange and basil salad.

What vegetables and fruits are in-season in August?

Want to eat according to the seasons in Australia? Fruit and vegetables that are at in their seasonal peak have richer flavours and are in an abundance for us all to enjoy. The cooler month of August offers a wide range earthy winter vegetables such as mushrooms and leafy greens along with the sweet tang of citrus fruits.

Here is a round-up of what’s in-season in Australia in August. You’ll find recipe ideas for some of them below.


Fuji apples

Custard apples






Nashi pear


Blood and naval oranges









Brussels sprouts




Chinese greens

Dutch carrots

English spinach


Gai lan

Jerusalem artichokes



Snow and sugar snap peas



Sweet potato




MANDARINS The best things come in small packages, and that’s certainly the case with citrus fruit! For the longest time, mandarins have been considered just a tasty snack or lunchbox filler, but these magical mandarin recipes prove otherwise. Make our gorgeous citrus and ginger bundt cake the next time you’re in a baking mood or put those leftover mandarins to good use with our popular mandarin marmalade – perfect with a batch of freshly baked scones.



BROCCOLI This humble veg is often overshadowed by cauliflower, but with a little bit of time and creativity, the broccoli can really shine. Broccoli is a nutrient-dense veg that can be enjoyed raw and cooked. Make our broccoli au gratin or our speedy cashew chicken with chestnuts and broccoli for dinner tonight. And if you’re not cooking tonight, add these brilliant broccoli recipes to next week’s meal plan!


Brussels sprouts

BRUSSELS SPROUTS Turn the whole family into Brussels sprout lovers this August, starting with our Brussels sprouts with cream and almonds recipe. The next time you’re hosting a dinner party, make our cutlets with smashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts salad recipe – it’s sure to impress. And if the family still need a little more convincing, turn to our collection of spectacular Brussels sprouts recipes.



FENNEL Versatile, fresh and easy to cook with. It’s a surprise that fennel doesn’t grace Australian dinner tables more often! If you have any fennel lying around, make these flavourful fennel and pork sausage rolls – trust us, double the batch. And if you’re looking for new ways to cook with fennel, take a look at our collection of fantastic fennel recipes.

Grapefruit salad



GRAPEFRUIT Coming in pink, white and ruby red, grapefruit is a versatile citrus that adds a satisfying tang to both savoury and sweet recipes. Impress guests with our baked ocean trout with ruby grapefruit salad, it’s a light and flavourful seafood dish that’s super quick and easy! For pesky sweet-tooth cravings, our ruby grapefruit meringue pies and lemon and pink grapefruit syrup cakes will put those cravings to bed. The possibilities are endless with grapefruit!



CAULIFLOWER Cauliflower can elevate the simplest of recipes, transforming guilty pleasures into healthy meals. For busy weeknights, make our budget-friendly creamy cauliflower, bacon and cheese pasta bake or our fragrant cauliflower, snow pea, spinach and chickpea curry – it’s packed with flavour! If you’re looking for cauliflower snacks for lunchboxes or after school, take a look at our collection of creative cauliflower recipes.



LEEK While a leek soup is delicious, the onion-like vegetable is capable of so much more! Make our hearty chicken and leek pie the next time the weather dips, or our easy cheesy leek quiche great as both a light dinner and workday lunch. Take a look at our easy leek recipe collection for more delicious dishes.



SILVERBEET Though commonly mistaken for spinach, silverbeet (aka chard) brings its own distinctive flavour and pizzazz to so many delicious dishes. If you’re wanting to make silverbeet the highlight of your next meal, try out this silverbeet and cheese filo stack. Or if you’re looking for something a little heartier, our pressure cooker beef and silverbeet soup will do the trick. Here is our collection of sensational silverbeet recipes to keep you going all month.



RHUBARB Contrary to what many believe, rhubarb makes for the most decadent desserts. With its vibrant colour and distinctive taste, there’s nothing quite like it. Go old-school this August and bake our deep dish apple and rhubarb pie, or our strawberry and rhubarb muffins – they’re a fabulous lunchbox filler! As the weather starts to hike towards the end of the month, make our sugar-free roasted rhubarb and balsamic popsicles, great for both little and big kids.



LEMON With its zingy zest and distinctively sour juice, it’s time to stock up on lemons and spend the month in the kitchen. The versatility of lemons is almost unmatched, equally at home in something as savoury as lemon lentils or a sweet treat like our classic lemon meringue pie. Pick your own journey with our range of lemon recipes.



ORANGE Fruit salads, vinaigrettes or the stuffing of a roast, oranges bring a pop of flavour to a smorgasbord of dishes. Navel and blood oranges specifically are currently at their sweet peak, so it’s the perfect time of year to try our sweet potato cake with candied orange, honey orange quail or any of our other tantalising orange cakes.



FUJI APPLES Though we get to enjoy them all year-round, the brisk air means apples are going to be extra sweet and crisp this month. This means it’s the right time to try your hand at a homemade apple pie. Or, if you’re looking for something a little less sweet, there’s our infamous pork cutlets with sweet and sticky apple or our cider braised pork with apple. No matter what strikes your fancy, we have an apple recipe with your name on it.

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