32 sensational meals featuring silverbeet

Forget kale, reach for this classic vitamin-rich veg.

Before kale became a 'thing' we had the wonderful power veg, silverbeet. Silverbeet is packed with vitamins and minerals such as iron and magnesium but it doesn't just keep you strong, this tasty vegetable is seriously versatile and adds a welcome crunch to pies, quiches and pastas.
While the leaves require minimal cooking and, when fresh, can be eaten raw (we recommend slicing into thin ribbons and massaging with extra virgin olive oil), silverbeet stalk is best sautéd.
The rich flavours of silverbeet work well on its on like in quiche or a classic spanakopita as well as adding colour and fibre to cannelloni or beef and mozzarella meatballs. Our hearty dhal with silverbeet is packed full of flavour, but requires minimal effort to make.

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