51 really good rhubarb recipes

This beautiful winter vegetable is gorgeous poached with sugar and syrup to create a sweet and sticky base for many desserts like cakes, pies, tarts, biscuits and muffins.

This bright pink winter root vegetable doesn't have much flavour when eaten on its own, but when stewed with sugar and syrups, it can become the perfect, fragrant base for many desserts.
We've pulled together our favourite way to include rhubarb in your desserts, with everything from homemade cakes and muffins, to bread and butter puddings and rhubarb custard melting moments.
You'll also find a recipe for our homemade baked custard, rhubarb and cream roulade and gorgeous rhubarb meringue pies.
Flick through our gallery to find some creative ways to use your rhubarb.

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