44 perfect pumpkin recipes

We usually enjoy pumpkin alongside our Sunday roasts, but there are so many ways to enjoy this humble vegetable.

The safest and easiest way to cut pumpkin and squash
So how do the professionals do it? Is there really a way to cut pumpkin easily?
Start by using a large, sharp, heavy knife for the job; this will get through the tough outer skin and won't bend or snap once it's cutting.
For long-shaped pumpkins, like butternut squash, lie the pumpkin on its side and trim the top and base, then cut off the neck.
With the piece upright, cut around the pumpkin with a knife (you could also use a strong, wide-style peeler).
Turn the piece on its side and cut the pumpkin into rounds, before stacking a couple of rounds together and cutting into a dice shape.
For large, round pumpkins such as Queensland Blue or Kent, cut across the top, using a rocking action.
With Kent pumpkins, remove the seed and place cut side down. As the skin is edible, simply cut it into thin wedges to roast.
Now your pumpkin is ready to use in your favourite recipe.
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