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37 pork fillet recipes

Whether it's marinated or glazed, roasted or grilled, you can't go past a succulent pork fillet.
Sticky glazed slow-roasted pork

A succulent pork fillet recipe is an excellent dinner to serve when you’re pressed for time. Pork fillets are easy to cook with, fast and make the most delicious dishes!

We’ve included some slow cooker, as well as slow roasted, pork recipes here too.

Are pork fillets the same as pork tenderloins?

There are two types of pork fillet in Australia: pork tenderloin and pork scotch fillet. Pork tenderloin is a versatile cut of meat from the loin area, whereas scotch fillet, also known as pork neck, is an economical cut that has great flavour and tenderness. 

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Dinner ideas
October 3, 2022

Caramelised pork neck

With a sweet and spicy glaze and cooked on your barbecue this caramelised pork neck (or scotch fillet roast) is the tastiest way to serve pork. Serve up with steamed rice and stir-fried asian greens. Looking for more pork dinner recipes?
By Women's Weekly Food
marmalade pork fillet with orange salad
Quick & Easy
March 31, 1975

Marmalade pork fillet with orange salad

Replace orange with apple or pear slices, if preferred. Pork does not need to be overdone. Cook until just pink in the middle to retain juices. Note
By Women's Weekly Food

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