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45 creative cabbage recipes

You'll never look at this humble vegetable the same way again!

It’s probably not the sexiest of vegetables, but cabbage shouldn’t be left on the supermarket shelf (or your grandma’s kitchen)! Be inspired to make the most of this forgotten veg with our delicious recipes. You’ll find everything from a tasty potato and cabbage smash to meat-filled rolls and a carrot and cabbage tart so beautiful, it will change your mind about cabbage.

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fried noodles with sausage and cabbage
Quick & Easy
November 30, 2010

Fried noodles with sausage and cabbage

Dried chinese sausages, also called lop chong, are commonly made from pork but can be made with duck liver or beef. Red-brown in colour and sweet-spicy in flavour, they are sold, dried and strung, in all Asian food stores. Note
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pork and cabbage rolls
March 31, 1976

Pork and cabbage rolls

Allspice, also known as pimento or Jamaican pepper, is so-named because it tastes like a combination of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and cumin ­all spices. It is available from spice shops and supermarkets. Note
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