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Vegetable bhaji

Upgrade your garden variety vegetable fritter to an altogether more exotic version with this vegetable bhaji. Add dollop of mango chutney and you'll be in heaven.
Vegetable bhajiWoman's Day



1.To make coconut sambal, spoon desiccated coconut into a heat-proof bowl. Cover with boiling water. Soak 30 minutes. Mix in chillies and garlic. Season with salt. Set aside.
2.For vegetable bhaji, combine in a large bowl vegetables, flour, water, garlic and cumin seeds. Mix well and season to taste.
3.Heat oil in a wok or large deep frying pan on high, until a droplet of batter sizzles as soon as it is added.
4.Working in 4 batches, lower heaped tablespoons of mixture into oil. Cook each batch 4-5 minutes, turning, until crisp and golden. Drain on paper towel. Serve straight away with mango chutney and coconut sambal.

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