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28 easy ways with bolognese

Make the most of this classic sauce.
Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese

Bolognese recipes

From the perfect spaghetti bolognese to flaky pastries, we have something for those looking to make the family classic or find a creative way to reinvent leftover sauce.

Whether it’s an extra splash of red wine, a spoon of brown sugar or that secrete ingredient that only your nan knows, every home has their own tips-and-tricks for making the perfect bolognese sauce. But what if you don’t have an age-old family recipe that’s been passed down? You have nothing to worry about because we have pulled together some of our infamous bolognese recipes AND even have added some inventive ways you can use up that leftover sauce!

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Spaghetti bolognese


Easy slow-cooker bolognese sauce

Easy slow-cooker bolognese sauce

Let dinner cook itself tonight. Prep the ingredients and throw together in the slow cooker to make the easiest, rich and luscious bolognese sauce.

penne with vegetable bolognese and ricotta sauce


Penne with vegetable bolognese and ricotta sauce

Penne with vegetable bolognese and ricotta sauce

Julie Goodwin's 6-hour bolognese


Julie Goodwin’s 6-hour bolognese

Thick, hearty and meaty, Julie Goodwin’s delicious beef bolognese sauce goes perfectly with freshly cooked pasta. Cooking the meat for six hours adds loads of subtle flavours and a wonderful texture.

bolognese and spinach potato pie


Bolognese and spinach potato pie

Kids will love these bolognese pies topped with cheesy mashed potato.

eggplant bolognese bake


Eggplant bolognese bake

Eggplant bolognese bake

For a great low-carb version of lasagne, this hearty and delicious eggplant bolognese is perfect.

bolognese-stuffed potatoes


Bolognese-stuffed potatoes

Bolognese-stuffed potatoes

Kids will love these cheesy potatoes stuffed with mince.

spaghetti bolognese baskets


Spaghetti bolognese baskets

Spaghetti bolognese baskets

Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese


Slow-cooked bolognese

Slow-cooked bolognese

Slow cook this family favourite to really intensify the flavours.


Stovetop ‘baked’ eggs

Stovetop ‘baked’ eggs

This creative meal uses leftover bolognese sauce with added chorizo and beans to poach eggs for a hearty and delicious dish.

Healthy turkey bolognese


Healthy turkey bolognese

Healthy turkey bolognese

Baked Bolognese Pasta


Baked bolognese pasta

Baked bolognese pasta

A creamy layer of ricotta and parmesan is just the tip of this delicious recipe. Hearty veal and pork mince pasta satisfy your winter comfort food cravings.

Bolognaise Pasta Bake


Bolognese pasta bake

This delicious bolognese pasta bake is a fun take on the classic Italian lasagne. Serve your family up a big slice of this tasty dish for a warming winter dinner.


Eggplant bolognese bake

For a great low-carb version of lasagne, this hearty and delicious eggplant bolognese bake is perfect. It’s a great all in one meat and three veg dish that will have the hungry hoards flocking to the dinner table.


Cheesy chilli bolognese

Bring the taste of Italy to your home with this rich and cheesy chilli bolognese.

bolognese soup recipe


Hearty bolognese soup

Hearty bolognese soup

Make a batch of our delicious, easy bolognese sauce and then turn it into our warming bolognese soup. It’s freezer-friendly, kind on your wallet and the family will adore it – what’s not to love?

rigatoni bolognese


Rigatoni bolognese

Rigatoni bolognese

Rich bolognese sauce, replete with sausage, pork and veal, is perfectly paired with al dente rigatoni tubes.

BEEF RAGU Cannelloni


Bolognese cannelloni

This hearty bolognese cannelloni will have the entire family running to the dinner table. It is comfort food at its best and tastes just as good the next day. Enjoy with a side salad and a glass of red.

penne bolognese


Penne bolognese

Penne bolognese


Fettuccine bolognese

Fettuccine bolognese

Serve up this hearty and authentic meal of pasta with bolognese sauce for your next family meal. Full of hearty, meaty goodness, it’s always a crowd pleaser.


Spaghetti bolognese

With a rich red wine sauce and full of fresh vegetables, you’ll be keeping this classic spaghetti bolognese for generations. This dinner winner never fails to delight both young and old in the family.


Vegetarian bolognese

Are you looking for that classic taste without the meat? Then our vegetarian bolognese is exactly what you’re looking for.


Bolognese cannelloni

Our bolognese cannelloni is delightfully similar to a spag bol, but oh so much cheesier!


Ragù alla bolognese

Sourced straight from the cobble stone streets of Bologna, this ragù alla bolognese has a truly traditional taste.


Lasagne bolognese

We wouldn’t dare think about leaving the godfather of bolognese recipes off our list – our must try lasagne bolognese.


Bolognese pies

After trying these bolognese pies, you’re going to want to make extra sauce every time.


Greek-style kangaroo bolognese

Bolognese doesn’t have to be a cheat meal – this Greek-style kangaroo bolognese is lean AND flavoursome.


Bolognese Turnovers

Perfect for lunches or a hassle free dinner, our bolognese turnovers may be the ultimate leftover dish.

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