What can you throw together when the pantry is running bare

It happens to us all at some point - here are some great meal ideas you can throw together when the cupboards are bare.

You haven't been to the grocery store since last week, you're hungry and you have no ideas.
There are two options:
1) You can panic as your blood sugar rapidly drops and turn to the trusty takeaway, or
2) You can open up the cabinets and treat what you find like your personal Ready, Steady, Cook. Onions? A can of chickpeas? A wan tomato? A jar of pesto? (Or even sparser—garlic, eggs, water?)
Challenge accepted.
This soup-from-a-stone kind of meal, is sometimes the most satisfying. You've wrung every last thing you possibly can from your pantry and fed yourself. To give a little inspiration, we bet your pantry and refrigerator dregs could produce at least a few of the following recipes.

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