27 luscious lemon recipes

Lemon tree groaning under the weight of this year's crop? Put them to good use with these recipes. There are sweet and savoury options to choose from.
lemon slice

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon slice! It's a reader favourite. Find the recipe below.

Is your lemon tree overflowing? From pastas and salads, lamb, chicken or fish and our unbeatable lemon curd recipe, make use of leftover lemons with these great recipes.

Looking for more lemon dessert recipes?


Lemon delicious

Lemon delicious

All the bright flavours of lemon in a moist and fluffy pudding.


Moroccan lemon chicken

Moroccan lemon chicken: Deliciously simple. Take one whole chicken, add apricots, lemon, Moroccan spices and olives. Serve with couscous and mint. Yum!


Lemon chicken with brussels sprouts and grape salad

Lemon chicken with brussels sprouts and grape salad: Crispy marinated lemon chicken, creamy cauliflower puree and a fresh and healthy grilled brussel sprout salad makes this dish is worthy of any restaurant menu.

Lemon chicken casserole


Lemon chicken casserole

Lemon chicken casserole

Serve this delicious saucy dish with flavourful rice and a crisp green salad.


Lemon meringue blondie

Lemon meringue blondie

This one’s for those who can’t decide between devouring a lemon meringue pie or a blondie. Say hello to our lemon meringue blondie recipe!


Best ever lemon tart

Our best ever lemon tart

In this lemon tart recipe the curd filling is not baked, but rather set in the fridge. The end-result is a crisp, buttery tart shell filled with golden curd. Make this recipe a day ahead.

lemon pistachio couscous


Lemon pistachio couscous

Lemon pistachio couscous

This nutty and zesty side dish goes perfectly with Moroccan-style dishes.

grilled lemon chicken


Grilled lemon chicken

Grilled lemon chicken

PISTACHIO AND lemon curd cake


Pistachio and lemon curd cake

Pistachio and lemon curd cake

Crunchy pistachios and a tangy homemade lemon curd come together in perfect harmony to create this beautiful cake.

Nan's lemon chicken


Nan’s lemon chicken

Nan’s lemon chicken

Bring a nostalgic feeling to the table with this homely chicken drumstick, potato and rosemary bake immersed in lemon juices. Don’t forget to add a splash of white wine.



Tangy lemon squares

Tangy lemon squares

Give your afternoon tea some added zing.


Luscious lemon cake

Luscious lemon cake

Add a little zest to your baking with this reader favourite recipe!


Mixed herb turkey breast roll with lemon mayonnaise

Mixed herb turkey breast roll with lemon mayonnaise: Finish off this herb-stuffed turkey breast roll with a homemade lemon mayo and garden salad for a deliciously different way to do Sunday dinner.

Fried prawns with preserved lemon and green chillies


Fried prawns with preserved lemon and green chillies

Fried prawns with preserved lemon and green chillies

With the tangy lemon and spicy chillies, these fried prawns will be an exciting new addition to your quick mid-week dinners.

Slow-roast lamb with lemon, garlic and rosemary


Slow-roast lamb with lemon, garlic and rosemary

Slow-roast lamb with lemon, garlic and rosemary: This family-sized roast lamb needs several hours in the oven to become tender and juicy. So pop it in and relax while the magic happens.


Lemon sand cake

This is a beautiful classic lemon tea cake with a slightly sandy texture from the rice flour, hence its name.


Preserved lemon and orange

Preserved lemon and orange: Infused with cinnamon and cardamom, these preserved lemons and oranges are easy to make and add flavour to all sorts of dishes.

steamed salmon in spinach with lemon, olive and caper sauce


Salmon in silverbeet with lemon, olive and caper sauce

Salmon in silverbeet with lemon, olive and caper sauce: This simple and flavoursome sauce can be used for any steamed fish. We used salmon, but any firm white fish will work.

lemon curd


Women’s Weekly’s unbeatable lemon curd recipe

Women’s Weekly’s unbeatable lemon curd recipe Learn how to make lemon curd and you’ll unlock a delicious topping for toast, scones, pikelets and pancakes as well as a dreamy filling for tarts and sponge cake.

australia day salad idea


Lemon and dill chickpea salad

Lemon and dill chickpea salad: Light and fresh, this colourful salad is quick, tasty and a winner for the whole family.

Coriander, lemon and chilli hummus


Coriander, lemon and chilli hummus

Coriander, lemon and chilli hummus: Add a new layer of flavour to your homemade hummus with the addition of zesty lemon, fresh coriander and red chilli. It’ll provide a lovely Asian-style twist, perfect with rice crackers.

homemade lemonade


Homemade lemonade

Homemade lemonade: When life give you lemons bust out this delicious homemade lemonade recipe – a refreshingly simple beverage that always goes down a treat.

Lemon sour cream cake recipe


Lemon sour cream cake

Lemon sour cream cake: This sweet and tangy lemon sour cream cake recipe is just the thing for an afternoon tea treat.


Lemon chicken

Lemon chicken: Pairing crispy chicken with a slightly sweet and slightly sour sauce this one is a Women’s Weekly classic the family will love.


Lemon slice

Lemon slice: This classic treat perfectly balances sweet and tart, creating a wonderfully creamy and flavoursome lemon slice. Enjoy a piece with a mug of hot tea or coffee. It’s a reader favourite!


Lemon pasta

[Lemon pasta:] (|target=”_blank”) The rich cream sauce is balanced beautifully with a hint of lemon zest. Make the sauce as the pasta boils to serve immediately.

Lemon lentils


Lemon lentils

Lemon lentils: The addition of lemon gives this traditional daal a refreshing citrus twist you will love.

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