20 indulgent dark chocolate recipes

A selection of our most rich and indulgent dark chocolate recipes including cakes with ganache, mousse, tarts, brownies, pies and slices.

If you like your desserts rich and indulgent, you can’t go past the addition of a good quality dark chocolate in your baking recipes. You’ll get all the beautiful flavours of cacao, with a hint of bitterness so you’re able to eat more without it becoming too sickly-sweet.

Whatever you’re craving, flick through and choose a recipe to get baking this weekend.


Three bean chocolate cake

Three bean chocolate cake

This gluten-free three bean chocolate cake is made with coffee, vanilla and cocoa beans to provide a rich and decadent flavour combination.

chocolate macaron recipe


Dark chocolate French macarons

Dark chocolate French macarons

These chocolate French macaroons take a little bit of practice to get right, but once you’ve got the knack, they’re as satisfying to make as they are delicious to eat.

Cherry Ripe choc cheesecake


Cherry Ripe choc cheesecake

Cherry Ripe choc cheesecake

Infused with rich dark chocolate, crushed biscuits, cherry ripe bars and sour morello cherries, this enticing cheesecake is almost too good to share.

Chocolate freckle biscuits


Chocolate freckle biscuit bark

Chocolate freckle biscuit bark

These shards are a brilliant cheat’s cookie, utilising bought savoury crackers, dark chocolate and a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands.


Brown butter chocolate croissants

Brown butter chocolate croissants



Dark chocolate & ricotta mousse

Dark chocolate and ricotta mousse

This decadent chocolate mousse is easy to make and unlike some mousse recipes, it can be served immediately so there’s no waiting and salivating!

Classic chocolate mousse


Classic chocolate mousse

Classic chocolate mousse

With four simple ingredients you can easily whip up this silken chocolate dessert that’s good enough to be on a restaurant menu.

Five-layer chocolate ESPRESSO CAKE


Five-layer chocolate espresso cake

Five-layer chocolate espresso cake

Five rich and decadent layers come together in a marriage of flavours. With deep espresso and indulgent dark chocolate, dessert doesnt get much better


Raspberry, hazelnut and chocolate tart

Raspberry, hazelnut and chocolate tart

For a truly luscious dessert, you can’t go past this rich, chocolately tart. The perfect way to end a dinner party on a high note.

Chocolate Mud Cake


Chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache

Chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache

We’ve never met a chocolate mud cake we didn’t like. This version is right up there with the very best examples of this rich and most glorious treat.

soft-centred chocolate cakes


Molten chocolate lava cakes

Molten chocolate lava cakes

Sink your spoon into the delicate cake and watch the molten chocolate goodness ooze out. Serve with fresh raspberries and softly whipped cream.

Photography by Brett Stevens. Food styling by Michelle Noerianto


Rich chocolate almond slice

Rich chocolate almond slice

A layer of chocolate and an almond nougat-like layer and a rich chocolate topping with a hint of brandy, this is one for the grown ups.


Caramel slice

Caramel slice

A crumbly coconut shortbread topped with a perfectly gooey caramel layer and dark chocolate topping. Caramel slice is the ultimate indulgence.

chocolate and raspberry tarts


Chocolate and raspberry tarts

Chocolate and raspberry tarts

Treat yourself to a decadent tart flavoured with raspberries and cream cheese.

dark chocolate mud cake


Dark chocolate mud cake

This dark chocolate mud cake makes a simple treat on its own but is also excellent layered with chocolate ganache or other frosting.

chocolate and caramel self-saucing puddings


Chocolate and caramel self-saucing puddings

These decadent self-saucing puddings are complete with an oozy melted chocolate centre. Serve drizzled with a rich caramel sauce and a dollop of vanilla ice-cream for the ultimate weekend dessert.


Rich dark chocolate tart with poached pears

This rich dark chocolate tart is perfectly complemented with vanilla-poached pears and topped with honey walnuts.

easy chocolate chip cookies


Chocolate chip cookies

A classic biscuit that is loved by all, the humble chocolate chip cookie is best enjoyed with a glass of milk. They’re great to bake with the little ones, too.

chocolate mousse cake with pomegranate syrup


Chocolate mousse cake with pomegranate syrup

This decadent dark chocolate mousse cake is delicately spiced with cinnamon and cardomom and topped with a tangy pomegranate syrup.



Flourless chocolate, prune & hazelnut cake

Served with hazelnut whipped cream, this flourless chocolate, prune and hazelnut cake is dense, decadent and gluten-free.


Chocolate and dulce de leche puddings

These heavenly chocolate and dulce de leche puddings are the perfect way to end a meal! Sweet, rich, and easy to prepare – what more could you want!



Dark chocolate & ricotta mousse

The best thing about this chocolate mousse is that it can be served the minute it is made. If you do wish to make it a day ahead, refrigerate, covered, then bring to room temperature before serving. You could also top each serving with cherries.


Julie Goodwin’s dark chocolate and marmalade tart

Julie Goodwin’s dark chocolate and marmalade tart is simply divine. Rich, sweet and indulgent, it makes the perfect weekend dessert or sweet treat!


Giant skillet chocolate and cinnamon spiral with chocolate sauce

Impress your brunch guests with this giant chocolate and cinnamon spiral. Serve in straight from the skillet and drizzle with a rich chocolate sauce. It’s packed full of sweetness everyone will love.

Chilli chocolateICE-CREAM TORTE


Chilli chocolate ice-cream torte

This decadent chilli chocolate ice-cream torte is smothered with a dark chocolate sauce.



Chocolate raspberry tart

Indulge your sweet tooth with this divine chocolate and raspberry tart. Filled with an oozy jam centre, one slice will send you to dessert heaven…

Decadent chocolate roulade


Decadent chocolate roulade

This decadent chocolate roulade is rich but surprisingly light. This also means the cake can crack slightly when it’s rolled, but that’s just proof that it’s flourless. If you find it very difficult to shape, wrap in plastic and refrigerate and then mould into shape.

dark chocolate pancakes


Dark chocolate pancakes with marmalade and crème fraîche

Gourmet, decadent, luxurious, rich. All of these will come to mind when you see this glorious stack of pancakes coming your way for Sunday brunch.


Chocolate and pretzel tart

This divine chocolate tart combines rich sweetness with salty crunch to create a flavour and texture sensation.



Dark chocolate and nougat fudge bars

These dark chocolate fudge bars are soft, sweet, rich and will make an excellent sweet snack or finger food style dessert.


Chocolate hazelnut pie

Decadently sweet and nutty – the entire family will love this chocolate hazelnut pie!

black forest brownies with cherry chocolate ganache


Black forest brownies with cherry chocolate ganache

These black forest brownies feature that classic combination of rich dark chocolate and cherries.


Mississippi mud cake

Whip up this Mississippi mud cake for the ultimate indulgence filled with chocolate, coffee and whisky.


Rich rocky road mousse cake

Indulge your sweet tooth with this decadent rocky road mousse cake. One slice and you’ll be taken to dessert heaven…

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