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19 easy and delicious sausage casseroles

Sausage casseroles and other ways to create tasty, baked sausage dishes.

Incorporating tasty sausages into a hearty oven-baked dish is one of the easiest ways to create a delicious dinner with minimal fuss. Thankfully we have many recipes to inspire you to create a satisfying feed for the family.

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cheat’s sausage cassoulet

A cheat’s sausage cassoulet, made using the air fryer.


Rosemary roasted sausages and tomato tray bake

Rosemary roasted sausages and tomato tray bake

Curried sausage and vegetable bake


Curried sausage and vegetable tray bake

Curried sausage and vegetable tray bake

This simple tray bake combines the classic flavours of curried sausage and goodness of vegies for a simple meal requiring minimal effort.


Massaman sausage curry

Serve up this sausage curry for the family and they’re sure to request it again! Sausages, potatoes and healthy green beans are simmered in a wonderfully fragrant massaman sauce for a flavoursome meal.

Curried sausage and vegetable bake


Curried sausage and vegetable bake

Curried sausage and vegetable bake


Cheesy sausage and batter bake

Kids love this cheesy sausage bake which is quick and easy to prepare.

sausage and cannellinibean bake


A rich and delicious sausage and cannellini bean bake

A rich and delicious sausage and cannellini bean bake.

sausage and bean bake


Sausage and bean bake

Sausage and bean bake

spicy sausage pasta bake


Spicy sausage pasta bake

Spicy sausage pasta bake

Tortiglioni, a straight tubular pasta with grooves on the exterior, works well when baked with a chunky sauce, such as this one.

one-pan sausage bake


One-pan sausage bake

One-pan sausage bake

pork sausage cassoulet


Pork sausage cassoulet

Pork sausage cassoulet


old-fashioned curried sausages

Arguably the original sausage casserole, fragrant and tasty curried sausages is one of those dishes that takes us right back to our childhood!


Sausages and capsicum with soft polenta

Sausage meatballs cooked in a delicious sauce of capsicum, onion, rosemary and garlic and served atop a pile of soft, polenta is a wonderfully warming dish to make out of a simple packet of snags.


italian sausage pasta bake

Okay so this Italian sausage pasta bake might not technically be a casserole, but when it comes to a hearty, delicious feed that makes use of economical sausages we feel it’s in the same family!


Oven-baked lamb sausages, beans & tomatoes

This recipe for oven-baked lamb sausages, beans & tomatoes is a deliciously hands-off recipe. Once you throw this tasty casserole into the oven you can finally get on with other things!


Sausage casserole

The original sausage casserole recipe is a simple mix of onions and sausage in a tasty sauce. Served on a pile of fluffy rice or tender pasta with some steamed greens, this easy recipe is perfect for a midweek dinner.


Chicken and chorizo slow cooker paella

This delicious chicken and chorizo paella uses a slow cooker to create perfectly tender rice with a fraction the effort. Flavour-packed and colourful, it’s sure to brighten your busy evenings!


Baked beef sausages with rosemary and tomato

This stunningly simple baked sausages recipe uses roast garlic, fresh rosemary and basil with a hearty splosh of red wine for a delicious hands-off dinner.


Mediterranean baked sausages

Enjoy the delicious flavours of Mediterranean cuisines in this simple sausage casserole. With garlic, olives, passata and fresh basil leaves, everyone will be clamouring for seconds of this delicious recipe.

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