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23 quick and easy dinner ideas to add to your meal plan

Dinner will be ready in a flash with these quick dinner recipes.
Hokkien mee with beef

DInner in 20 minutes ... Hokkien mee with beef (recipe below).

Need to cook dinner in a hurry? No need for a takeaway menu when you’ve got 20+ quick and easy dinners that are great for busy weeknights. These dinner recipes are perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time to cook, or don’t want to slave over the stove. From soups to salads to stir-fries, we’re here to help get dinner on the table, FAST!

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Hokkien mee beef

Hokkien mee with beef

A quick and tasty 20 minute dinner for busy weeknights.


Jerk salmon

Jerk salmon with yoghurt potatoes

Master the art of quick and tasty weeknight dinners with this easy salmon recipe. It only takes 20 minutes.


Chow mein

No need to order takeaway when you have our speedy chow mein recipe up your sleeve!


Miso udon

This warming and nourishing miso udon soup recipe is head and shoulders above any other ‘just add hot water’ concoctions you can buy.


green pea pasta

Warm green pea pasta

Transform those frozen peas into the delicious pasta in 30 minutes.


Satay pork cutlets

These satay pork cutlets are sticky, sweet and easy to eat. Chicken thighs would be delicious in this recipe also.


Smoked salmon pasta with crispy capers

Not only is this family-friendly smoked salmon pasta with crispy capers the ultimate weeknight dinner, but it makes for an even better leftover lunch.


Pumpkin risotto with Italian sausage & rosemary

Whip up this nourishing pumpkin risotto with Italian sausage & rosemary the next you’re looking for a speedy, weeknight dinner.


Crisp skin salmon with herb yoghurt

Our crisp skin salmon with herb yoghurt is a healthy, dinner-for-one that doesn’t take long to make and makes for a great leftover-lunch.


Satay chicken

With its spicy Indonesian flavours of chilli and coconut, and its rich, nutty sauce, this speedy satay chicken makes for a tasty weeknight meal.


Minestrone soup

No need to slave over the stove when you have our hearty Minestrone soup recipe up your sleeve!


Tuna potato cakes

They’re easy to make, and even easier to eat! These easy tuna potato cakes are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Make sure to serve them with our light rocket salad and your favourite sauce.



Use instant noodles for this spicy ramen recipe for one. You’ll be eating in 10 minutes.


Zucchini Greek salad

Zucchini spirals form the base of this twist on a classic Greek salad.


Tuna mac n cheese

Macaroni cooks in 10 minutes, making it a good option for a super quick dinner. While the pasta is cooking get the oven heating up, ready for the next step in this tuna mac ‘n’ cheese recipe.



Sometimes a jaffle or toastie is a great option for a quick and filling dinner. This toastie is made more substantial with baked beans, pesto and cheese as the filling. This one adds and egg to the baked beans before a turn in the jaffle iron.



A classic omelette makes for a super quick meal. Add fillings or toppings to make it more substantial, such as ham and cheese, spinach and fetta or a liberal sprinkling of mushrooms. Or serve it with some crusty bread or toast.


Chicken stir-fry

Turn microwave rice into a quick dinner. This chilli chicken stir-fry recipe is flavour packed. You can dial up or down the heat to taste. There’s also this chicken fried rice recipe with mushrooms and capsicum.


Mexican bean and chicken

This Mexican chicken an bean tortilla soup recipe takes 10 minutes. Make it even speedier by using leftover shredded chicken.


Minute steak

Re-create this pub classic at home, and be eating dinner in less than 30 minutes. Our minute steak recipe uses sourdough bread, but you could use Turkish bread or even a brioche bun.



Salads are a great way to eat healthily but also speedily! In this recipe salad greens and veggies are served with hot smoked salmon and an Asian dressing. Or try this twist on a Greek salad – we’ve used zucchini spirals as a base.


Fennel and grape salad with pork cutlets

Save this fennel and grape salad with pork cutlets recipe for when you’re stuck on what to make for dinner. It doubles up as a great entertaining recipe!


Vegetable soup

Make sure to serve our warming vegetable soup with a slice of crusty warm bread – you’ll love it!

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