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mini meringue nests

Mini meringue nests

Put an Easter spin on this popular dessert, whipping up these sweet and cream-filled moulds ready to house sugar-coated eggs.
Quince paste

Quince paste

This classic sweet quince paste is a great accompaniment to cheese, or can be melted down and used in fruit tarts and pies.
french toast

French toast

Silky, sweet and swimming in syrup - French toast is the ideal breakfast when you have a little extra time.
crème brûlée recipe

How to make crème brûlée

Crack through the burnt toffee to the creamy custard underneath! Silky smooth and sweet custard beneath a beautiful burnt topping. Translated literally, “crème brûlée” simply means “burned cream”. And while that might be technically what’s happening, we can’t help but think this humble dessert benefited greatly from having a name with a little French flair. […]
nectarine and almond tart

Nectarine and almond tart

Inspired by the classic French frangipane tart, the almond-filling of this summery tart pairs deliciously with all sorts of summer stone fruit. Here we used nectarines, but peach, apricot or even plums would also do nicely. Looking for more stone fruit desserts? Tart base is suitable to freeze. Jam can be warmed in the microwave. […]