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27 easy chicken recipes for weeknight dinners

Whether you’re busy, exhausted, hungry, or just feel like low-effort cooking, this collection of easy chicken recipes will hit the spot and make life a little easier.
One pot oven baked chicken risotto

One-pot oven baked chicken risotto (recipe below).

There are easy chicken recipes for everyone here – from warming soups and pastas to fabulous air fryer and one-pan dinners.

Best of all, these easy chicken recipes don’t require long shopping lists and are all done in less than 45 minutes tops – or as little as 10 minutes, in the case of this chicken and bean tortilla soup. Too easy!

Get your family to choose their favourites and end dinnertime dilemmas.

Hints & hacks for easy chicken recipes

Plan ahead

A well-designed weekly meal plan means fewer trips to the supermarket. Schedule these easy chicken recipes when you may be time-poor and leave more complex recipes for the weekend. The time spent developing your weekly meal plan will be worth it on busy weeknights.

Supermarket shortcuts

Don’t be afraid to buy prepared foods. In our Test Kitchen, some of our favourite supermarket products are barbecue chickens, salad mixes, pre-cut vegetables and stir-fry mixes. Pre-made pasta sauces, curry pastes, marinades, pizza bases and pre-mashed potato are all great time-saving products. All you need to do is add a few fresh ingredients for a tasty meal with very little effort.

Spice it up

A simple marinade made from olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs, or a blend of spices from your cupboard can turn plain chicken into something special. Be prepared and marinate your protein the night before to infuse the flavour.

Effortless appliances

Don’t forget to take advantage of the slicing and grating tools on your food processor. Invest in a V-slicer or mandoline to help speed up the slicing and grating of vegetables. Use your microwave to steam your vegies and add to the side of any dish. There you have it – a nutritious and delicious meal cooked in a flash.

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quick chicken satay
Quick & Easy
January 31, 2010

Quick chicken satay

Satay originated in Indonesia, and today features prominently in Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and African cuisines. This satay recipe is quick and deceptively simple, requiring few ingredients and minimal preparation and cooking time.
By Women's Weekly Food

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