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Chilli chicken san choy bow

There's an allure to san choy bow that everybody seems to love, yet few people actually cook it at home.

This classic Chinese starter consists of traditionally pork or chicken mince with loads of hidden crunchy vegetables in a tasty savoury soy-based sauce, bundled up in fresh lettuce to serve. This dish is arguably the best ‘just happens to be healthy’ food you will find.

This version has tasty chicken mince and extra chilli combined with cashews, water chesnuts and flavouring for a spicy flavour and texture sensation.

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Chilli chicken sang choy bow


Chilli chicken sang choy bow

1.Heat oil in a wok or large frying pan; stir-fry garlic, ginger and chilli over high heat for 1 minute or until fragrant.
2.Add chicken to wok; stir-fry until browned all over. Add sauce, chestnuts, sprouts and green onion; stir-fry mixture until heated through.
3.Spoon chicken mixture into lettuce leaves; sprinkle with cashews and extra chilli.

You will need about 2 iceberg lettuces for this recipe. To easily separate the lettuce leaves without tearing, use a sharp knife to remove the core at the base of the lettuce. Hold the lettuce, cut-side up, under cold running water. Gently separate leaves one at a time, using the weight of the running water between the leaves to assist you.


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