Our 42 best vegetarian meals

Ditch the meat without compromising on flavour

Whether you’re a vegetarian or just lightening things up a little with meat-free meals, our fresh, colourful recipes will make sure you don’t go hungry.

With tofu, couscous and plenty of greens there’s no need to worry about getting all the nutrients and iron your body needs.

The kids will especially love the lasagnes and beer-battered tofu. Being vegetarian doesn’t mean going without and can be just as satisfying after a long day. So start chopping those veggies and enjoy.


Spaghetti and zesty rocket salsa verde

Spaghetti and zesty rocket salsa verde

This zesty vegetarian pasta dish is full of fresh flavour and hearty cannellini beans for a satisfying meal. Best part, it takes less than 30 mins

Vegetarian quiche


Leek and pumpkin quiche

Leek and pumpkin quiche

With a crumbly pastry case and silky filling this leek and pumpkin quiche is great for meal prep. Make on Sunday and eat for lunch all week.


Ricotta zucchini rolls with roasted tomato sauce

Ricotta zucchini rolls with roasted tomato sauce

This low carb rotolo dish will soon become your new go-to vegetarian dish.


Black bean soup with jicama chips

Black bean soup with jicama chips

Hearty black beans, Mexican spices and a tomato base creates a delicious soup topped with fresh avocado and crunchy homemade jicama chips


Zucchini and haloumi slice

Zucchini and haloumi slice

It’s the classic slice you know and love with a tasty vegetarian twist.


Mega vegie and haloumi frittata

Mega vegie and haloumi frittata

This mega vegie and haloumi frittata is designed to be prepped early but could also serve up for lunch.


Sunflower bolognese

Sunflower bolognese

There’s nothing quite like bolognese for a hearty meal. This vegetarian version using sunflower seeds also comes with 4 meal prep serving ideas


Mushroom & three-cheese pizza

Mushroom & three-cheese pizza

This ‘no-knead’ pizza is a perfect weeknight dinner option when you want to give meat a miss.


Fifty tomatoes and seed pasta

Fifty tomatoes and seed pasta

You’ll only need 20 minutes to throw together this simple vegetarian dish that’s packed with flavour.


Green vegie bibimbap bowls

Green vegie bibimbap bowls

It can be easy to get more green in your diet when you’ve got tasty dishes like this spicy veg bowl topped with fried egg.

Brown rice nasi goreng with soft boiled egg


Brown rice nasi goreng with soft-boiled egg

Nasi goreng has been given a healthy makeover with brown rice, Asian greens, and fresh chilli.


Mushroom pie with minted mushy peas A

A mushroom pie with crushed minty peas is an age-old classic for a reason. With a fresh herbed pastry and rich red wine gravy, this is a one is a keeper.

Spelt pasta with vegetables


Roast vegetable spelt pasta

Looking for a quick, easy and nutritious dinner or lunch? Well, spelt flour is a nuttier, more flavourful option than regular pasta and with roasted vegetables, you can’t go past this vegetable spelt pasta.

vegie nachos


Vegetarian nachos

This delicious vegetarian nachos recipe is loaded with red beans, mushrooms, corn and capsicum for a fully-loaded and delicious feed.

Vegetarian bolognese


Vegetarian bolognese

Don’t let all the meat eaters have all the fun! This tempting vegetarian bolognese might just woo over to the veg side!

Low carb cheese mushroom burger recipe


Mega mushroom burgers

Swapping out traditional burger buns for delicious mushrooms is one of the easiest ways to slash carbs in this popular recipe.

Turmeric dosa with green chilli potatoes
(Credit: James Moffat)


Turmeric dosa with green chilli potatoes

These savoury pancakes originate from southern Indian cuisine, served here with deliciously spiced potatoes for a fibre-rich dinner or lunch. If making your own dosa, start this recipe 1 day ahead.


Beer-battered tofu and wedges

Flaky flavourful tofu in a crispy beer batter served with wedges for a vegan take on the classic fish and chips.


Rice salad

This rice salad is perfect for hot summer days – it’s refreshing, crunchy and very simple to prepare.


Burrito salad bowl

Mexican made healthy with this fresh and vibrant vegetarian burrito bowl.


Mushroom and corn tacos

A mix of mushrooms give these classic tacos a healthy and hearty vegetarian twist.


Broccoli and paneer saag curry

This fragrant paneer (cheese) and broccoli saag is packed full of healthy greens for a rich, full-flavoured Indian dish.


Roasted vegetable salad with garlic mustard dressing

This hearty salad is packed full of roasted vegetables and balanced perfectly with a spicy mustard sauce.


Green minestrone with pesto

Fresh, filling and packed with spring flavours this green minestrone makes a delicious lunch or light dinner.


Beet and black bean burger

The ultimate vegetarian burgers with sweet potato curly fries.


Vegetable and ginger soba noodle salad

This fresh vegetarian noodle salad is perfect for lunch or dinner on a hot summer day.


Gai lan and mushroom five-spice stir-fry

Gai lan (or Chinese broccoli), enoki mushrooms and udon noodles combine for a delicious vegetarian stir-fry.


Cheesy cauliflower bake

The best way to eat cauliflower is smothered in plenty of cheesy sauce in this cheesy cauliflower bake.

Tian of vegetables


Tian of vegetables with herbs and parmesan

Vegetable tian is a delicious side dish year-round. It’s healthy, easy to make, and so pretty to look at.

vegan roast


Vegan roast

This clever roast is a vegan take on the turducken.

green curry recipe
(Credit: James Moffat)


Very green veggie curry

This fragrant curry is a great way to get more veggies into your day. Full of fresh beans, asparagus, broccolini and the vibrant flavours of lemongrass and ginger, and it can be on your table in 30 minutes


Zucchini and tofu noodles with coriander pesto

Fuel your body with wholesome zucchini and tofu noodles and coriander pesto – a delicious combination full of nourishing goodness!

Spinach & ricotta stuffed pasta shell bake


Spinach & ricotta stuffed pasta shell bake

This rich and gooey spinach & ricotta stuffed pasta shell bake is perfect for family dinners.

Mountain rice salad with haloumi


Mountain rice salad with haloumi

The rice base of this mountain rice salad with haloumi makes it a wholesome meal fit for a busy weekday lunch.

vegetarian lasagne recipes


Vegetarian lasagne

Lasagne is the perfect family meal; piping hot, oozing with deliciously creamy sauce and cheese, it’s the pasta dish that everyone loves. We’ve rounded up the tastiest vegetarian lasagne recipes, packed full of seasonal veg and beautiful flavour combinations.

recipes with canned tomatoes


Chickpea shakshuka

This Moroccan inspired chickpea shaskuka dish has a spicy kick to it. Shakshuka is traditionally served at breakfast and perfect for dinner too. Serve with baked chia seed mountain bread and chili oil.


Roasted broccolini, edamame and chilli tempeh salad

With roasted broccolini, crunchy edamame and chilli tempeh, this is your new go-to vegan salad designed to impress.

vegetable soup recipes


Broccoli and kale soup with lemon creme fraiche

Get your nutritious vegies while you warm your body and soul with this broccoli and kale soup with lemon creme fraiche


Shepherdless pie

A vegan twist on the classic shepherd’s pie made with lentils, mushrooms and a polenta topping. It’s just as hearty as the original and oh-so tasty!


Vegetable gado gado

This well-known Indonesian gado gado salad features boiled egg, fresh and cooked vegetables and a rich peanut sauce.


Roasted whole cauliflower with miso glaze

This whole cauliflower is roasted with a miso glaze for a tasty vegan recipe that makes a great alternative to roast meat that’s super easy.


Japanese-style smoky chilli tofu

This silky smooth Japanese-style smoky chilli tofu may just convince you to go meat-free.

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