Puppy dogs’ tales

puppy dogs' tales
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1.Secure the sponge roll to 30cm x 40cm (12-inch x 16-inch) rectangular cake board with a little frosting.
2.Using a small knife, cut one chocolate rollette in half crossways; trim one half until it is slightly rounded, discard remaining half. Secure rollette to one end of the sponge roll with a little frosting to form a nose.
3.Secure three chocolate rollettes to the cake board with a little frosting. Trim remaining rollette into 1.5cm cubes; secure to one end of each rollette with a little frosting to form little noses for the puppies.
4.Spoon frosting into a large plastic bag or piping bag. Use scissors to snip a small opening in the corner of the bag. Pipe frosting in long lines, back and forth over the bodies of the dog and puppies, extending over back end and piping over noses, as pictured.
5.Using a little frosting, secure blue M&Ms to the white Melts; repeat with blue mini M&M’s and the Milky Bar buttons.
6.Secure Melts on the large dog for eyes and Milky Bar buttons on puppies. Pipe the remaining frosting around the eyes to create a fringe.
7.Secure a red M&M on the dog for a nose and the red mini M&M’s on the puppies for noses.
8.Use kitchen scissors to trim the sour strap into a 4cm long tongue for the dog; brush with a little water to remove the sugar crystals, attach tongue under the nose.

The sponge roll used for this recipe has a diameter of 10cm and a length of 16cm.


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