Pigs in mud

pigs in mud
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Butter cream


1.Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F. Grease four holes of 12-hole (⅓ -cup/80ml) standard muffin pan. Grease deep 30cm (12-inch) round cake pan; line base and side with baking paper, extending paper 5cm above sides.
2.Make cake according to directions on packets. Drop 2½ level tablespoons of the mixture into greased muffin pan holes; bake about 20 minutes. Pour remaining mixture into round pan; bake about 40 minutes. Stand cakes in pans 5 minutes; turn, top-side up, onto wire rack to cool.
3.Meanwhile, to make butter cream, beat butter in small bowl with electric mixer until as white as possible. Beat in sifted icing sugar and milk, in two batches.
4.Transfer a quarter of the butter cream to a small bowl; tint with pink colouring. Stir sifted cocoa powder into the remaining butter cream.
5.Level top of round cake; place cake, cut-side down, on 40cm (16-inch) round prepared cake board. Spread cake all over with chocolate butter cream. Press biscuits around side of cake.
6.Level tops of small cakes. Turn cakes cut-side down. Using picture as a guide, trim cakes to give rounded shapes for pigs’ bodies. Spread pink butter cream over bodies.
7.Cut and discard the small tip from each of the large marshmallows; secure marshmallows to bodies to make pigs’ heads. Secure brown mini M&M’s to heads for eyes with a little butter cream.
8.Halve four Mallow Bakes. Pinch halves to make ears; position on heads with a little butter cream. Position one Mallow Bake below eyes for snout; secure with a little butter cream.
9.Curl each piece of the chenille stick; position for pigs’ tails.
10.Using picture as a guide, position pigs in mud. Position remaining Mallow Bakes on one pig for legs.
11.Trim tops from ice-cream cones, if required, then fill with sugar crystals; position on cake for troughs.

Youngsters will squeal with delight at the sight of these cute little pigs. You could easily make a piglet for each small guest to take home. Instead of tinting your own sugar, you can use the packets of coloured sugar crystals found in packets of Monster 5s or Fairy 5s, available from supermarkets.


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