23 morning and afternoon tea recipes

These morning and afternoon tea recipes are sweet, quick and simply delicious.
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Pop on the kettle and invite your family and friends around for a relaxing morning or afternoon, surrounded with beautiful cakes, slices, muffins and other sweet treats. Our morning and afternoon tea recipes are quick and delicious, like our sweet pecan pie, or homemade chocolate fudge. And it isn’t a morning or afternoon tea unless there’s a batch of freshly baked scones on the table.

Whatever you choose, these tea time recipes are perfect with a cuppa!

Here are some of our favourite morning and afternoon tea recipes.


Crumbly and soft, these lemonade scones are a perfect base for other flavours to make white chocolate, date scones, or coconut scones.



Apple streusel slice

This apple streusel slice is perfect with a hot cuppa.


Banana bread with passionfruit icing

What could be better than a big slice of banana bread? Our banana bread with passionfruit icing, of course!


Pecan pie

Pecan pie is a real taste of the deep south of the USA, the tender nuts buried deep in a rich, molasses-sweet syrup. Best served with double cream or ice-cream.

Carrot cakes


Carrot cakes

These adorable little carrot cakes are easy to whip up, and even easier to devour!

Florentine Slice


Florentine slice

Jam-packed full of sweet chewy cherries, crunchy nuts and cornflakes and decadent dark chocolate – the classic Florentine slice makes the ultimate accompaniment to a cup of hot coffee.

Apple berry crumble slice


Apple berry crumble slice

Served warm with cream or ice-cream, this easy and delicious apple berry crumble slice makes one impressive dessert.


Chewy chocolate slice

This decadent chewy chocolate and coconut slice is deliciously chewy and sweet, making it the perfect companion for your morning or afternoon cuppa.

Vanilla Cinnamon Shortbread


Vanilla cinnamon shortbread

Vanilla cinnamon shortbread

Perfect as a festive season gift or special treat, these buttery shortbreads rise to new heights with the pairing of vanilla and cinnamon.

Orange and poppy seed


Orange and poppy seed friands

Sweet, fluffy and golden, these beautiful orange and poppy seed friands are wonderful served topped with a oozy citrus syrup, keeping the cakes deliciously moist.



Rocky road

Our best rocky road recipe starts from scratch to create a stunning and delicious marshmallow, nut, and chocolate sweet treat.

Sour Cherry Custard Tart


Sour cherry custard tart

This scrumptious sour cherry custard tart combines sweet and sour flavours to become a crowd-pleasing dessert, high tea or special afternoon treat.

Rustic Mini Custard tarts


Rustic mini custard tarts

These rustic mini custard tarts take under an hour to whip up and can be easily transported.

Rustic apple pie


Rustic apple pie

This beautiful rustic apple pie is made with a crumbly golden crust stuffed full of sweet, juicy apples to create this irresistible dessert recipe. Enjoy it warm with a dollop of ice-cream.

hazelnut brownies


Roasted hazelnut brownies

These deliciously moist and sweet roasted hazelnut brownies are so rich you’ll need just a half-slice with your morning tea to be completely satisfied. Save the other half for afternoon tea!

Honey sponge roll


Honey sponge roll

Morning tea, afternoon tea, dessert or a sweet treat for a picnic, this honey sponge roll is as versatile as it is easy to make.

Mixed berry muffins


Mixed berry muffins

These mixed berry muffins are studded with tart, juicy berries and a brightened with fresh lemon zest are an adorable afternoon tea or delightful on-the-go snack.

Apple tea cake


Apple tea cake

Cut yourself a large slice of this warm, moist apple tea cake – delicious served fresh from the oven with a drizzle of cream and a mug of tea.

Raspberry and Vanilla Crumble Slice


Raspberry and vanilla crumble slice

This gorgeous dessert is a flavour and texture sensation that will delight your friends and family. A sweet, gooey raspberry topping sits beautifully atop a fluffy, vanilla slice. Add a crumbly, almond topping for extra crunch.

plum jam scone ring


Plum jam scone ring

Jazz up your classic scone with this plum jam scone ring!

apple and pear tarte tatin


Apple and pear tarte tatin

With its stewed apples and pears, this Test Kitchen approved tart tatin recipe is perfect for sharing with family at afternoon tea.

Chocolate brownies


Creamy nut fudge

This creamy nut fudge is super easy to make. It’s delicious, slightly chewy and is just right for a friend with a sweet tooth.

syrup cakes recipes


Cherry syrup cake

A classic tea cake topped with fresh cherries and cherry syrup, this cherry syrup cake makes a delectable, finger-licking afternoon tea treat. Use a mix of red and white cherries if both are in season

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