35 unforgettable birthday cakes

From simple to show stopping!
Rainbow layer cake

It’s not a birthday until there’s cake. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of inspiring options to choose from, ranging from layer cakes to decadent chocolate cakes to mud cakes, and more!

Or are you looking for a classic from our Children’s Birthday Cake book? Or a bright and colourful castle cake?

Or use this recipe to make a buttercream frosting to top your cake or cupcakes.

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Sunshine carrot cake

Sunshine carrot cake

We add pineapple to the batter and top the cooked cake with a brown butter frosting.


Rose and pistachio layer cake

Rose and pistachio layer cake

Perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or special afternoon teas.


Midnight cake with berries

Midnight cake with berries


Slab cake

Chocolate slab cake

This simple chocolate slab cake is moist, chocolate-y, and topped with a deliciously creamy chocolate buttercream. It’s a good size to feed a crowd.

vanilla cake recipe


Vanilla cake with vanilla bean icing

This simple vanilla cake is delicious on its own, or as the perfect base for creative birthday cakes or exciting flavour variations.

cookies and cream cake recipe australia


Cookies and cream white choc mud cake

White chocolate-lovers, you can’t get much better than this indulgent mud cake! Layered with a heavenly cookies and cream ganache and topped with oreos, it’s pure decadence on a plate.

Vanilla yoghurt and passionfruit cake


Vanilla yoghurt and passionfruit cake

Bring out this beautiful layer cake when you want to wow! With thick swirls of creamy yoghurt icing and a drizzle of tropical passionfruit pulp, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

decadent chocolate cake with ganache recipe


Chocolate semi-naked cake

Semi-naked and naked cakes are certainly the thing to serve at special occasions these days. We show you how to achieve a beautiful semi-naked chocolate mud cake, perfect anytime.

meringue layer cake recipe


Berry and rose meringue cake

Requested time and time again, this gorgeous layer cake is a favourite for a reason – it’s the perfect combination of sweet and stunning.

gluten free chocolate cake recipe


Easy gluten-free chocolate cake

Spread this gluten-free cake with a generous amount of chocolate icing for a delicious dessert that’s suitable for all to eat. Finish it off with a sprinkle of chopped chocolate for true decadence.

Caramel mud layer cake


Caramel mud layer cake

Decorated with an easy ‘naked’ butter cream frosting, vienna almonds and a sprinkle of edible flowers, this four-layer caramel mud cake will make an eye-catching centrepiece at any event. Simply stunning!

Golden Gaytime cake


Golden Gaytime cake

Pull out all the stops for your next birthday with this incredible Golden Gaytime-inspired cake. This four-layer wonder is coated in a delicious malted buttercream and playfully decorated with a rich dark chocolate ganache and your favourite chocolates. Absolutely stunning!

Orange blossom and raspberry angel food cake


Orange blossom and raspberry angel food cake

A gorgeous rustic cake that brings the sights and smells of spring with delicious orange blossom water and edible blooms.


Brown sugar caramel sponge

The ultimate afternoon tea cake.


Carrot cake with lemon cream cheese frosting

You’ll love this moist and easy carrot cake with a silky smooth cream cheese frosting

Baked caramel cheesecake


Baked caramel cheesecake

What could be better than a classic baked cheesecake? One with added caramel, of course.


White chocolate and raspberry mud cake

This gorgeous white chocolate and raspberry mud cake combines sweet, creamy white chocolate and wonderfully tart raspberries to create a divine dessert worthy of any celebration.


Coconut banana stacked cake

Topped with fresh banana and passionfruit pulp, this layered cake is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

CHOCOLATE Sour Cream Cake


Chocolate sour cream cake

You’ll love this super moist chocolate sour cream cake topped with dark chocolate sour cream ganache.

yoghurt cake with raspberries


Raspberry and pistachio yoghurt cake

The heroes of this simple cake – yoghurt, raspberries and nuts – all play a significant part. Yoghurt lightens the batter and provides a delicious tang. The raspberries add bursts of fruitiness in the almond batter, which is also studded with bits of pistachio, making this a gorgeous afternoon tea cake.

Pistachio and apricot baklava cake


Pistachio and apricot baklava cake

Pistachio and apricot baklava cake

With all the well loved flavours of baklava layered between moist cake, this tastes as good as it looks.

layered banana butterscotch cake


Layered banana butterscotch cake

Layered banana butterscotch cake


Pistachio and rosewater layer cake

This beautiful celebration cake makes the most of delicious Middle Eastern flavours of pistachio and rosewater, and is piled high with tender Turkish delight pieces.

Churros Cake recipe


Churros cake with chocolate ganache

Our delectable cake is inspired by the flavours of the Spanish dessert churros, fried dough strips dusted in cinnamon and sugar that are customarily dipped in chocolate or thick caramel.

Triple-chocolate crackle crunch cake


Triple-chocolate crackle cake

This triple chocolate cake recipe is features a deliciously crunchy chocolate crackle-inspired topping.

Chamomile honey cake


Chamomile honey cake

Unwind with a slice of our chamomile honey cake – delicious served fresh from the oven with a drizzle of honey and a cup of tea.

Poppy seed AND HAZELNUT CAKE with raspberry mascarpone


Poppy seed & hazelnut layer cake

Nutty poppyseed and hazelnut sponge sandwiched between layers of sweet, thickened mascarpone and fresh, bright raspberries drizzled with dark chocolate ganache.

beetroot cake


Beetroot and cherry cake

Thick lashings of rosewater buttercream take this stunning beetroot and cherry cake to new heights of deliciousness.

strawberries and cream meringue cake


Strawberries and cream meringue cake

Strawberries and cream meringue cake


Mini rose pink ombre cakes

Mini rose pink ombre cakes

Rainbow layer cake


Rose pink vertical stripe cake

Rose pink vertical stripe cake


White chocolate mud cake

White chocolate mud cake

Banana Caramel Layer Cake


Banana caramel layer cake

Banana caramel layer cake


Strawberry and passionfruit mile-high layer cake

Strawberry and passionfruit mile-high layer cake


Cookies and cream cake

Cookies and cream cake

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