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Brace for nostalgia

These childhood recipes are a blast from the past.
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Some recipes spark nostalgia more than others, and we’ve gathered some doozies together here. Brace yourself for a culinary trip down memory lane with these dishes locked in your heart forever.

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spaghetti bolognese

It feels a bit strange to include a spaghetti bolognese recipe when talking about nostalgic dishes because this one is still in high rotation! But, would childhood dinners have been the same without a good old ‘spag bol’ gracing the kitchen table at least once a fortnight? Didn’t think so.


beef stroganoff

Just like spaghetti bolognese became “spag bol”, this classic dish from our childhood kitchen also earned a nickname – “beef strog”. It’s a tasty feed that comes together with a handful of ingredients in under 30 minutes. Served with rice or – curiously – fettucine, beef stroganoff has a tender place in our nostalgic hearts.


zucchini slice

Kids loved this dish for the cheese and bacon, parents loved it as a way to sneak some greens into our diets! Zucchini slice is as classic a childhood dinner as they come, especially with a tossed salad of iceberg lettuce and cherry tomatoes on the side. It wasn’t uncommon to cart this dish to school for lunch for the rest of the week.



rissoles recipes

Nothing quite compares to the humble rissole for an easy midweek dinner. With our massive collection of rissole recipes you can recreate your childhood in all sorts of flavour variations. Though of course, beef rissoles served with white bread and tomato sauce will always be the original.


Old-fashioned curried sausages

Break out that orange tin of curry powder, it’s time for curried sausages!. Rivalled only by its sister recipe, curried prawns, curried sausages are a true blast from the past. Featuring frozen veg and boiled spuds – it’s practically a time machine.


Apricot chicken

It’s hard to imagine back when we were so obsessed with apricots! Say hello to apricot chicken – the curiously sweet and savoury dish most likely to be snuck to the dog under the table. Not this recipe though, this recipe will bring you round to apricot chicken for good.


Tuna pasta bake

Much like today, dinners as a kid tended to favour the “bung it all in a dish and into the oven” style. A delicious cheesy pasta bake loaded with chunky tuna was a dish you either loved or hated. But boy could you tell what was cooking when you walked in the door!


Bangers and mash

Nothing beats good old bangers and mash for a dinner blast from the past! Usually followed by days and days of cold sausages to get through. Hey… maybe it’s time for curried sausages again?



If you didn’t have a baked beans jaffle for dinner at least once, did you really have a childhood? Forgive us for making this one a little bit fancy – we added some pesto and smoked cheddar because we’re adults now.



The holy grail of homemade comfort food, this delicious beef lasagne is made from scratch for the most authentic lasagne experience since MASH was on the TV.



Now we’re older we realise that taco night was totally a ploy to hand over some of the cooking tasks to the rest of the family. You knew you had made it to be big time when you were trusted to grate the cheese or slice the tomatoes. This is the ultimate dinner for picky eaters too – who could simply pass on any fillings they abhorred.


Slow cooker corned beef

Arguably the original slow-cooker dinner, this pot roast corned beef has graduated from sitting in a big pot in the oven to stewing safely in an electric slow cooker. As far as we’re concerned, it’s illegal to serve corned beef without cheesy cauliflower drowning in white sauce.

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