No-bake gluten-free pumpkin pies

These adorable single-serve no-bake pumpkin pies are both refined sugar-free and gluten-free for a healthy dessert that's naturally sweet with the perfect hint of pumpkin spice.
no bake pumpkin pies in jarsJohn Paul Urizar


Pumpkin filling


1.In a food processor, process ½ cup of the pecans, 6 of the dates, the oil and ginger until finely chopped and sticky. Press pecan mixture into the base of six ¾-cup (180ml) glass jars. Refrigerate until required.
2.Steam pumpkin for 15 minutes or until soft; drain well. Cool slightly. Process pumpkin with remaining ingredients until smooth.
3.Spoon filling into jars; cover, refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight.
4.Coarsely chop remaining pecans and remaining dates; sprinkle mixture on pies before serving.

You can use the end of a rolling pin to press the base mixture into the jars.

Pies can be made to the end of step 3, up to 2 days ahead.


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