These top meal kits will make dinner time a breeze

“Great family time together too.”

At the end of a long day, the last thing we want to do is cook. Although, we’re not always given the choice of opting out.

The alternative is of course takeout, and while it is a quick and easy fix, it’s not sustainable for the long run. Meal kits, on the other hand, are a popular choice when it comes to making cooking easier.

Convenient, time-saving and healthy, meal kits can do wonders when it comes to limiting time spent in the kitchen, shopping at the grocery store, and overall spend.

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The best meal kits in Australia

So, if you’d like to lighten the load on your plate when it comes to cooking, we’ve gathered the best-rated meal kits in Australia down below.


make out meals subscription

Make-Out Meals, 3 meals for 2 people per week: $93

With access to a range of recipes from Australia’s favourite restaurants, like Lee Ho Fook’s signature dishes, Make-Out Meals will send you weekly meal kits packed full of all the fresh and unique ingredients you would need, as well as secret sauces and spice mixes directly from the restaurants themselves.

“Each meal we had was delicious with easy to follow instructions. All the ingredients were super fresh and I loved how there was minimal packaging, with most able to be recycled or reused,” a reviewer said.



HelloFresh meal kit subscription

HelloFresh, 3 meals for 2 people per week: $70 + $9.99 shipping

Keep your budget under control with delicious and affordable meals from HelloFresh. With over 25 recipes every week, including classic, vegetarian, and family-friendly options, you’ll get all the fresh pre-portioned ingredients you need.

“It’s exciting getting a delivery that has everything I need to make meals at home without having to put thought into what I need at the supermarket. I enjoyed the variety of the meals that were recipes I don’t normally make for myself,” one five-star reviewer said.



Marley Spoon meal kit subscription

Marley Spoon, 3 meals for 2 people per week: $74.94 + $10.49 shipping

Choose from over 50 of Marley Spoon’s fresh recipes each week, with options including meat & fish, fast, healthy, vegetarian, vegan, family-friendly, low carb options and more. The flexible subscription allows you to skip a delivery week, pause for a period of time or cancel your subscription.

“Marley Spoon saves me a lot of time and stress. The meals come regularly and communication with the company is good. Everything happens without too much input from me and the meals are delicious and require about half an hour to cook,” one five-star reviewer said.



Dinnerly meal kit subscription

Dinnerly, 3 meals for 2 people per week: $50.94 + $10.49 shipping

Budget better thanks to Dinnerly’s affordable, tasty, easy and stress free meals delivered straight to your front door. Sent to you in a chilled box, enjoy pre-portioned ingredients for a range of recipes across family-friendly, vegetarian, vegan, fast, healthy and reduced-carb options.

“I absolutely love dinnerly! It makes dinner time a breeze and the vast difference in choices each week makes it so I have a great variety in meals for dinner rather than the same boring thing each night. I’d highly recommend it to anyone in search for meal kits!!” one five-star reviewer said.



EveryPlate meal kit subscription

EveryPlate, 3 meals for 2 people per week: $48 + $9.99 shipping

Each week, you’ll receive fresh, quality ingredients and simple recipes from EveryPlate, making it easy to cook fuss-free, filling and tasty dinners. Each recipe has easy-to-follow instructions that put you in control of dinner, with 22 options to choose from.

“The ease of a quick yet still yummy & healthy dinner is awesome. My 9 yr old loves helping to cook and following the step guides she wants to do it herself under my supervision. Great family time together too,” one five-star reviewer said.


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