Pirate’s treasure

pirate's treasure
12 Item



1.Using a small sharp knife, cut the peak off the top of each muffin; reserve. Dig about 1 tablespoon of cake out of the centre of each muffin; discard.
2.Divide mixed lollies evenly into the centres of each muffin, filling almost to the top. Top with reserved muffin tops, trimming so they fit snugly in the hole on top of the lollies.
3.Tint frosting green; spread over tops of muffins.
4.Discard chocolate from honeycomb if necessary; break honeycomb into pieces. Using picture as a guide, decorate cakes with honeycomb and assorted pirate toys. On one cake draw an `X’ with the red decorating icing using a flat piping nozzle.
5.Position cakes on 40cm (16-inch) square cake board; secure with a little frosting.

If using butter cream instead of vanilla frosting, you will need half a quantity of butter cream. We used a selection of small jelly beans, rainbow choc chips and M&M’s for the treasure. You will need 3 x 4-pack (460g) double chocolate chip muffins for this cake.


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