Heavy lifter road crew birthday cake

This fun construction-site themed birthday cake is great for young children who love getting messy and playing with trucks.
heavy lifter road crew
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Heavy lifter road crew


Heavy lifter road crew

1.Secure two cakes, side-by-side, on the cake board with a little frosting. Spread frosting over top of the cake. Cut remaining cakes into large pieces and stack on top of cake on cake board, securing with a little frosting. Using a small sharp knife, trim cake to form a mound.
2.Using a small serrated knife, cut into cake to create a 5cm (2-inch) wide sloping roadway around the cake, leading to the top of the cake.
3.Spread cake all over with remaining frosting. Cut flake into three pieces. Trim and discard chocolate from honeycomb bar if necessary, roughly chop honeycomb into small chunks.
4.Using picture as a guide, decorate cake with flakes, honeycomb, chocolate drops, M&M’s, sprinkles and nerds. Position toys on cake.

EQUIPMENT 30cm x 40cm rectangular cake board You will need four slab cakes for this recipe. Other sweets, such as flake or chocolate-coated honeycomb, can be crushed and used as gravel on the road.


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