Fiery dragon

In China, dragons traditionally symbolise good luck, which, along with this dragon, is a pretty nice gift to give as a birthday present.
Fiery Dragon
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Butter cream


1.Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F. Grease nine holes of 12-hole (1/3-cup/80ml) standard muffin pan; grease 9-hole (125ml) friand pan.
2.Make cakes according to directions on packets. Drop 2½ level tablespoons of mixture into greased holes of the muffin pan; bake about 20 minutes. Stand cakes in pan 5 minutes before turning, top-side up, onto wire rack to cool.
3.Reduce oven temperature to 170°C/340°F. Drop 2½ level tablespoons of mixture into greased friand pan holes; bake about 20 minutes. Stand cakes in pan 5 minutes before turning, top-side up, onto wire rack to cool.
4.To make butter cream, beat the butter (and any flavouring, if using) in a small narrow bowl with an electric mixer until the butter is as white as possible (this will result in a whiter butter cream which will give you better results if colouring it). Gradually beat in half the sifted icing sugar then the milk, then the remaining icing sugar. Beat until the butter cream is smooth and spreadable. Keep scraping down the side of the bowl during beating.
5.Tint two-thirds of the butter cream green. Divide remaining butter cream equally into two small bowls; tint one orange and the other red.
6.Level friand tops. Use three friands to shape dragon’s head. Spread green butter cream over tops and sides of each friand.
7.Level muffin tops. Turn eight muffins upside down; spread tops and sides of five muffins with orange butter cream; spread tops and sides of three muffins with red butter cream.
8.Trim the remaining muffin into a triangular shape for the tail; spread top and sides with red butter cream.
9.Using pattern from pattern sheet, cut out dragon’s fiery breath from the yellow and orange cardboard. Position on cake board. Using picture as a guide, position cakes on board to make dragon. Position trimmed friands to make head; use the remaining six friands to make a triangular body. Use muffins to make neck and tail. Secure cakes with a little butter cream.
10.Using picture as a guide, cut after-dinner mints into triangles. Use triangular pieces and segments of Toblerone to decorate the dragon’s body. Decorate dragon’s head and body with mint leaves.
11.Use one red fruit ring to make the eye; top with an orange Smartie. Use brown Smartie for nose. Trim licorice strap to make mouth. Cut remaining red and orange fruit rings in half; use to decorate dragon’s neck and tail.
12.Bend one end of each chenille stick to make dragon’s legs and feet; position under body.

EQUIPMENT: 12-hole (1/3-cup/80ml) standard muffin pan; 9-hole (125ml) friand pan; 45cm x 65cm (17-inch x 26-inch) rectangular cake board. Use a small sharp, finely serrated knife to trim one end of a friand so the other two sit snugly together for the dragon’s head.


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