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How to make buttercream icing for cakes and cupcakes

Dolloped on cupcakes, sandwiching sponges and smothered on celebration cakes; is there anything buttercream doesn't make better?

Buttercream is that thick, decadently delicious icing that tops classic afternoon treats like marbled Victoria sponge cake with chocolate buttercream just as beautifully as it does cute-as-a-button kids' cakes like this piggy bank cake.
And it's easy to make too; grab the ingredients - amounts according to your recipe - and follow our step-by-step video.
Step 1: Place butter in an electric mixer and beat until as white as possible – this can take up to three minutes.
Step 2: Add half the icing sugar and continue to beat, while gradually adding the milk. Then add the remaining icing sugar and beat until well combined.
Step 3: To colour your buttercream, simply stir in a couple of drops at a time until you get the desired colour.
Happy decorating!

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