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Fruit salad rice paper rolls

This fruit rice paper roll recipe is a surprising spin on your every day rice paper rolls.
Fruit salad rice paper rolls



1.Coarsely chop a third of the mango flesh. Slice remaining mango into thin batons.
2.For mango coconut dipping sauce, blend or process chopped mango, lime juice, coconut milk and vanilla until mixture is smooth.
3.Cover a chopping board with a damp clean tea towel. Place one sheet of rice paper at a time in a bowl of warm water until softened. Place on tea towel; top rice paper with one-twelfth of the sliced mango, kiwifruit, strawberry, cucumber and mint leaves in a line along the centre of the sheet. Fold bottom half of the rice paper up, then fold in both sides and roll over to enclose the filling.
4.Repeat with remaining rice paper and filling ingredients to make a total of 12 rolls. Place rolls on a plastic wrap-lined tray; cover with damp paper towel. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
5.Serve rice paper rolls with mango coconut dipping sauce, sprinkled with extra mint leaves.

Be sure to use ripe fruit for this recipe, as they give the best flavour.

We used 15cm (6in) diameter rice paper rounds here. They are available from major supermarkets and Asian food stores.


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