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Chicken wings on a bed of broccoli rice

May: What’s in season

There's much to cook with in May! From healthy greens like spinach and broccoli, to tangy fruits like lemon and kiwifruit, the produce in May makes for delicious recipes.
Kiwi Cake

Kiwi cake

We love the kiwi topping! This light and fluffy cake made with buttermilk tastes as good as it looks thanks to slices of kiwi on top adding a gorgeous pattern.
kiwifruit dessert recipes

Green and gold kiwifruit cheesecake

Who knew the humble kiwifruit could create such a visual masterpiece? We've used both the green and gold varieties for maximum colour, and flavour, in this gorgeous lemon and vanilla cheesecake.
Custard fruit tarts

Custard fruit tarts

Sweet petite custard and fruit tarts are delicious dessert appetiser to take to Christmas dinner. Make ahead to save time and assemble close to serving.