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Lemon curd

A simple recipe for a classic spread, a jar of lemon curd is always a welcome sight in the fridge.
Lemon Curd

Classic lemon curd is definitely one recipe worth mastering.

1.5 Cup



1.Finely grate the rind from the lemons. Squeeze lemons; strain juice into a jug. You will need 2/3 cup (160ml).
2.Combine the rind, juice, butter and sugar in a medium heavy-based saucepan. Stir constantly over a medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat.
3.Whisk egg yolks and orange blossom water in a medium bowl. Gradually whisk butter mixture into yolks. Return mixture to same saucepan. Cook stirring over medium heat until the curd begins to thicken, being careful not to let it come to the boil.
4.Pour the hot curd into hot sterilised jars; seal while hot. Cool.

Not suitable to freeze. Suitable to microwave.


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