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Mulberry jam on a pancake

Mulberry jam

The mulberry season is short and sweet. Here's a delicious way to preserve the fruit to enjoy throughout the year.
CHOKO Pickle

Choko pickle

Chokoes fruiting in your garden? In this pickle recipe, choko is turned into a delicious sandwich condiment.
quince jelly

Quince jelly

Create this delightfully sweet quince jelly to enjoy on fresh crusty bread or toast, or as an accompaniment to your favourite cheese platter.
Quince paste

Quince paste

This classic sweet quince paste is a great accompaniment to cheese, or can be melted down and used in fruit tarts and pies.
dark plum jam

Dark plum jam

This plum jam uses blood plums creating a rich dark coloured preserve and a beautiful sweet flavour.
Kimchi 2 ways

Kimchi 2 ways

We give you two easy ways to make the classic Korean fermented cabbage.
Pickled ginger

Pickled ginger

If, like us, you fell in love with pickled ginger with your sushi, now you can make your own and serve it with all of your favourite Japanese dishes.