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Noel’s sponge cake

This prize-winning sponge cake is featherlight and has the perfect texture for a classic sponge. Best served with lashings of whipped cream and the jam of your choice.
Sponge Cake Queen finalist Noel's recipe



1.Preheat oven on to 175°C (165°C fan-forced). Grease two deep 8 inch (20cm) round tins using butter or margarine.
2.Sift flours 3-4 times over baking paper and leave in sifter.
3.Heat milk and butter in a cup until butter is melted. Sit cup in a container of boiling water to ensure butter does not solidify before adding to mixture.
4.Separate egg whites into warm mixing bowl and place yolks in a cup. Beat egg whites and salt on high speed until slightly stiff and then slowly add the sugar
5.Once peaks will hold, add the egg yolks and continue beating until large bubbles rise in the mix and break. Once ready remove the electric mixer and sift the flours evenly over beaten eggs.
6.Using a wire spoon, gently fold the flours into the egg mix until evenly distributed.
7.Using a tablespoon, fold in vanilla and milk and butter mixture until all signs of butter disappear. Gently bang each tin on a hard surface to settle the mixture and remove air bubbles at the surface of the mix.
8.Bake about 20 minutes. The sponge will leave the sides of the tin when cooked and will be nearly silent when placed to the ear.
9.When cooked place tin on cold wet cloth, use a flat knife to help loosen cake from tin; place on paper on a cake cooler. Allow to become completely cold before filling or decorating.

You could use caster sugar for this recipe, if preferred. It will give the cake a finer texture. Avoid over-beating your eggs, as this will result in a coarse texture. Use baking paper to sift your flour onto, which will make it easier to return the flour back into the sifter.


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