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Koala birthday cake

This cuddly koala cake recipe comes from our beloved Children's Birthday cake book.
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This cake and more amazing birthday cake decoration ideas can be found in our Children’s Birthday Cake Book.



1.Make cakes according to directions on packet, divide between greased deep 23cm (9in) square cake tin and two deep 18cm (7in) round cake tins, or sandwich tins, so that mixture is same depth in each tin, bake in moderate oven 40 minutes for square tin, 30 minutes for round tins or until cooked when tested. Turn cakes on to wire racks to cool.
2.Leave one round cake whole for the head, cut other round cake in half horizontally; using a 12cm (5in) round cutter, cut each half into smaller rounds for ears. Cut square cake to make body and paws. Assemble pieces to form koala. Ice top and sides of cake with Vienna cream.
3.Mix together cocoa and hot water, add three quarters cocoa mixture to 2 cups coconut to tint it dark brown, add remaining quarter cocoa mixture to remaining cup coconut to tint it light brown. Press light-coloured coconut on centre of ears, front of body, under arms and at tops of legs. Press darker coconut over rest of body.
4.Press on large round sweets then small round sweets to represent eyes; licorice cut to shape represents eyelashes and claws, chocolate biscuit represents nose. Arrange mint leaves around koala to represent tree.

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