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Beef stew recipes and more!

Give these flavourful slow-cooked stews a try! Serve them with bread. mash or dumplings to mop up all the gravy.
A pot of beef stew topped with dumplings

Our classic beef stew with cheesy dumplings.


Beef and mushroom

This hearty beef and mushroom stew recipe, complete with bacon, parsnips and red wine, is the perfect meal for a cold day.


slow cooker

Warm, hearty and packed with mushrooms and bacon, this slow-cooker beef stew is slow-cooked in a fragrant red wine sauce to tender perfection.



A hearty Hungarian beef pörkölt stew with tarhonya


Beef and barley

This hearty beef and barley stew is a great recipe to cook while camping; swap the saucepan for a camp oven and cook over hot coals.



Packed with delicious veggies, tender chicken drumsticks and simmered in a fragrant baharat sauce, this hearty, slow-cooked Moroccan stew recipe is the perfect way to spice up dinnertime.



This classic Provencal beef stew is made with braised beef, red wine, and vegetable stew and is simply delicious. Cook low and slow for a rich and flavourful winter meal idea.



This slow-cooked Indian-style lentil stew is nourishing and full of fragrant Indian spices. Just set and forget for an easy dinner on the table.


Pork and masala

Hot, thick and hearty, this glorious pork, mushroom and marsala stew makes the ultimate comfort food for a cool winter’s evening. Serve with a thick slice of bread to soak up all the gravy!



This slow-cooker Tuscan beef stew is made with soft beef osso bucco, garlic, rosemary, and lots of olives! Serve with soft mashed potatoes.


vegie stew

Looking for a twist on the classic winter stew? Try this vegetable stew with polenta dumplings. They’re great for soaking up all that gravy!


chicken leek

If you like recipes with loads of flavors, then this verjuice chicken and leek stew is the answer. You’ll love the highly acidic flavour verjuice provides.


chicken bacon mushroom

Your favourite classic stew flavours come together in this rich chicken, bacon and mushroom stew, to make a hearty winter stew that gets an extra kick from wholegrain mustard and white wine.


Irish stew

By using the carrot tops in our carrot-top verde recipe we not only stop them ending up in the bin, but it also adds a nice fresh element to top off this meaty Irish stew.


This basil, chickpea and vegetable stew with basil pesto is cooked low and slow in the slow cooker for full flavour and tender chickpeas.


Inspired by New Orleans gumbo this nourishing chorizo and chickpea stew is smoky and delicious. Perfect with fresh baby spinach leaves.


Packed full of protein and flavour, this hearty chicken and chorizo stew is brilliant on a cool evening for a tasty family dinner without the hassle.



Warm, hearty and packed full of veggies, this tasty Italian bean stew is a real family favourite for cool Winter evenings.

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