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Covering beef casserole recipes, sausage, seafood, and a chicken casserole recipe or three!
Beef and mushroom casserole with mashed potato and green beansRECIPES+

There’s nothing like a hearty casserole on a cold night. Casserole recipes are not only delicious, but easy to make and keep the family full and warm.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite ‘how-to’ casserole recipes that are sure to be added to next week’s meal plan. Looking for a chicken casserole recipe? You’ll find some below, or check out our recipe collection dedicated to chicken casseroles.

Want to cook a beef casserole? You’ll find some delicious beef casserole recipes in this collection.


Sweet and sour pork stew with coconut rice

This sweet and sour pork stew is a tasty weeknight diner that’s paired perfectly with a fragrant coconut rice.


Chicken, mushroom and leek fricassee

This chicken, mushroom and leek fricassee recipe is a simple dinner option when entertaining in the cooler months. It’s also a good one for batch cooking – freeze half for dinner another day.


Quick chicken casserole

Quick chicken casserole

A tasty meal that can be on the table in under an hour.


richest beef casserole recipe

The dark chocolate in our richest beef casserole recipe adds an extra depth of flavour – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Beef and mushroom casserole with mashed potato and green beans


Packed with juicy, tender beef and fresh mushrooms braised in a white wine sauce, this hearty beef and mushroom casserole recipe is a beautiful and warming Winter meal.


Julie Goodwin’s seafood stew

If you’re after for a hearty dinner, then try Julie Goodwin’s flavourful seafood stew recipe.


This leek, bean and mushroom casserole is a one of our favourite one-pot recipes.


There’s nothing like a hearty, traditional beef casserole as a warming winter meal.


Osso buco with gremolata

Warm up with this classic comforting osso buco with gremolata recipe comprising fall apart tender meat and a rich Italian sauce.


This Spanish seafood casserole is a great way to get your family eating more fish, too, as they’ll love the fragrant sauce it’s served in.


This vegetarian casserole is a rich slow-cooked recipe that’s full of hearty beans, plenty of veg in a tomato sauce and bread topping.


West African chicken mafé

This chicken mafé recipe is a hearty West African meal, made with okra, eggplant, sweet potato and a peanut-flavoured sauce.


This classic French onion pork casserole is made with soft onions, carrots and juicy pork pieces.


With its rich, lemony cooking juices and handfuls of herbs and nuts, this Spanish chicken casserole is a savoury masterpiece.


Tunisian lamb stew with almonds

With just 15-minutes prep time, this set-and-forget slow cooker, Tunisian lamb stew with almonds recipe is your ticket to weeknight comfort.


This sausage casserole recipe is one of those nostalgic dinners from our childhood. Serve with creamy mashed potato and buttered green beans.


This Moroccan-spiced chicken casserole with chickpeas and apricots will take your taste buds on a trip to North Africa.


Zesty lemon pairs perfectly with the light chicken flavour in this lemon chicken casserole.


This tender and sweet lamb and apricot tagine is an easy pressure cooker recipe that can be made in no time.


This seafood casserole recipe is an easy, light dinner that’s nourishing for the whole family.


Elevate your casserole game with our spicy bean casserole recipe. Adjust the spice level to your preference.

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