Topsy turvy cake

topsy turvy cake
3 Item


Butter cream (1 quantity)


1.Preheat oven to 150°C (130°C fan forced). Grease pans, line base and sides with baking paper, extending paper 5cm (2 inches) above sides.
2.Make cake according to directions on packet (see tip). Spread 1½ cups mixture into small pan, 4 cups mixture into medium pan and remaining mixture into large pan. Bake small cake about 1¼ hours, medium cake about 1¾ hours and large cake about 2 hours. Stand cakes in pans 5 minutes, turn, top-side up, onto wire rack to cool.
3.Level cake tops, trim cakes on an angle.
4.Place large cake, cut-side up, on cake board, secure with a little butter cream. Reserve 1½ cups butter cream, tint blue. Spread three-quarters of the remaining plain butter cream all over large cake.
5.Place medium cake, cut-side down, at a slight angle in centre of large cake. Spread blue butter cream all over medium cake. Position small cake, cut- side down, on medium cake. Spread remaining butter cream all over cake.
6.Knead ready-made icing on surface dusted with sifted icing sugar until icing loses its stickiness. Roll icing until 3mm (⅛-inch) thick. Cut into 1cm (½-inch) strips, long enough to make stripes about 1.5cm (¾-inch) apart on the sides of the large cake.
7.Using picture as a guide, use white chocolate Melts (some halved) to decorate middle cake.
8.Roll remaining icing until 3mm (⅛-inch) thick. Cut out four 5mm (¼-inch) curved, slightly tapered strips, position on each side of top cake. Position cachous on each corner. Position candles.

1 x deep 9cm (3¾-inch) square cake pan 1 x deep 15cm (6-inch) square cake pan 1 x deep 23cm (9¼-inch) square cake pan 30cm (12-inch) square prepared cake board or cake stand cake. Make butter cake mixes in batches as they will not all fit together in a large bowl, use three packets first, then remaining two packets. The tiers of this cake are not supported by skewers so it’s important to use a light cake such as a butter cake or packet mix, and to assemble the cake up to about four hours before the party.


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