Star burst cake

The Sun is a great ball of fire! This birthday cake has chocolate covered ice cream cone solar flares, and is perfect for any wannabe astronauts or star gazers.
Star burst cake




1.Melt chocolate; tint orange with colouring. Dip ice-cream cones, one at a time, into chocolate to coat, drain off excess; cover with sprinkles. Stand on a baking-paper-lined tray; refrigerate until set.
2.Tint frosting the same orange as chocolate cones.
3.Trim icing from top of cakes. Secure one of the cakes to cake board with a little frosting; spread cake with ¼ cup of the frosting, top with remaining cake. Trim edges to make a dome shape. Spread orange frosting all over cake.
4.Fill ice-cream cones with mixed lollies; push firmly all around outside of cake. Sprinkle with nerds.

Mix yellow and red food colouring to make orange if you can’t find an orange colour. A powder or gel-based colour is best to add to chocolate. A liquid colour will seize the chocolate, turning it grainy and unusable.


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