Popstar cake

I wanna be a Popstar! Get everyone singing Happy Birthday with extra edible Popstar microphones for party guests to sing along with.
Popstar cake
1H 5M




1.Process two sponge cake into crumbs. Using a fork, combine crumbs and ¼ cup of the frosting in a medium bowl. Roll ¼-cups of mixture into 10 balls. Place on an oven tray, loosely cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 2 hours or until firm.
2.Stand ice-cream cones upright in a wire rack. Melt chocolate. Dip cake balls into chocolate, allowing any excess chocolate to drip off. Position balls in ice-cream cones; allow to set for a few minutes then roll in shimmer powder. Stand until completely set.
3.Secure one cake to the cake board with a little frosting; spread top with ½ cup of frosting, then top with remaining cake. Spread sides only of cake with frosting. Place sprinkles on a lipped oven tray; roll cake on its side to cover in sprinkles. Spread top of cake with remaining frosting.
4.Using scissors; cut 65cm of licorice strap into a thin 2mm thick strip. Place around the top edge of the cake, as pictured. Cut two 10cm thin strips of licorice from leftover 65cm strap.
5.Trim point off the base of two ice-cream cones. Place cones on top of cake with the 10cm licorice strips sticking out of the bottom of the cones as electrical cords. Arrange the remaining ice-cream cones around cake on board, if you like. Secure the fruit ring to the side of the cake with a little frosting.
6.To make headphones, cut the remaining licorice strap into a 20cm piece. Split the leftover licorice lengthways into two pieces (discard one piece). Using picture as a guide, position one end of the thin strap into the fruit ring to form the cord, linking the cake to the headphones. Split the top end of the strap lengthways in half so it can go into the ‘ears’ of each headphone.
7.Use a little frosting to sandwich the biscuits together, yellow-side out. Using the picture as a guide, sandwich licorice pieces between biscuits to complete the headphones. Decorate the sides of the headphones with ‘volume control’ if you like (we cut a piece of licorice allsort into a circle and attached to the biscuit with a little frosting).

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