Meringue cloud cake

Meringue cloud cake
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1.Preheat oven to 120°C/250°F.
2.Line oven trays with baking paper. Mark an 18cm (7¼-inch) circle on one tray; turn paper over. Mark 9cm (3¾-inch) straight lines (about 100) on remaining trays; turn paper over.
3.Next make meringue: Beat egg whites in large bowl with electric mixer until soft peaks form; gradually add sugar, beat until dissolved. Beat in sifted cornflour, then vinegar.
4.Using offset metal spatula, spread half the mixture inside the circle on tray. Shape sides up and in towards the centre. Bake large meringue about 1 hour, or until dry to touch. Remove from oven; cool on tray.
5.Fit large piping bag 7.5mm with tube. Half-fill bag with meringue; pipe about 100 x 9cm finger-width meringue sticks, about 2cm apart, on remaining oven trays.
6.Refill bag as necessary. Bake the sticks about 30 minutes or until dry to touch. Remove from oven; cool on trays.
7.Beat cream in small bowl with electric mixer until firmpeaks form; cover, refrigerate until ready to use.
8.Trim cakes. Secure large cake to 30cm (12-inch) round wooden cake board; secure small cake to 15cm (6-inch) round wooden cake board. Push trimmed skewers into large cake to support top tier. Secure small cake on top of large cake.
9.Spread cakes allover with cream. Position meringue sticks around sides of both cakes.Scoop out large spoonfuls of meringue; place between the tiers and on the top of small cake.
10.Sprinkle cake with raspberries. Wrap ribbon around large cake, secure ends with craft glue.

You can buy sponge cakes for this recipe, if you like (preferably jam and cream filled). You could also buy a large meringue as well, to break up and use to fill and decorate the cake. In this case, you’ll need half the meringue ingredients only, to make the meringue sticks.


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