Halloween treat

halloween treat
1H 40M


Butter cream


1.Grease two large 2.25-Litre (9-cup) capacity pudding steamers. Using three packets, prepare cake mix according to directions; pour into prepared steamers. Bake in moderate oven about 1 hour. Stand cakes in steamer 5 minutes; turn onto wire racks to cool.
2.Using a cutter or egg-ring as a guide, cut 7cm-diameter cylindrical holes through centres of both cakes from top to base. Alternatively, remove both ends of an empty can so there is a clean, sharp edge, and use the can as a cutter to remove cylinders of cake from each cake’s centre.
3.Cut one of the centre pieces in half; reserve top half for pumpkin lid.
4.Join cakes together with a little butter cream, position on board. Cut out holes for eyes, nose and mouth.
5.Make butter cream: In a small bowl, beat butter with an electric mixer until as white as possible; beat in sifted icing sugar and milk in two batches.
6.Tint ½ cup butter cream with red colouring. Tint remaining butter cream in deep “pumpkin” orange using orange and caramel colourings.
7.Spread cake and lid with orange butter cream. Spread inside and outer edges of mouth, eye, and nose openings with red butter cream.
8.Cut some Fruity Metres into thin stips and place on cake and lid.
9.Roll about 50cm of Fruity Metres tightly to make stem; place on top of the lid. Just before serving, turn the torch on and secure it in centre of cake with a little butter cream. Position lid on top of cake. Decorate cake with the snake, rat and spider.

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