Francois ze frog

francois ze frog
1H 40M


Butter cream


1.Preheat oven to moderate; grease and line deep 26cm x 36cm baking dish. Make cake according to directions on packets, pour into prepared pan; bake in moderate oven about 1 hour. Stand cake in pan 10 minutes; turn onto wire rack to cool. Using serrated knife, level cake top.
2.To make butter cream: In a small bowl, beat butter with an electric mixer until as white as possible; beat in sifted icing sugar and milk in two batches.
3.Reserve 2 tbsp of the plain butter cream for eyes. Tint &3/4; of the remaining butter cream with green colouring; tint remaining butter cream with red colouring. Spread green butter cream all over cake.
4.Turn cake cut-side down. Using image as a guide, cut out shape of the frog.
5.Assemble cake pieces on prepared board, cut-side down, to form frog; discard remaining cake.
6.Mark out face and eyes.
7.Spoon red butter cream into piping bag fitted with 4mm plain tube; pipe over marked outlines and around edge of frog. Pipe smile on face.
8.Spread reserved plain butter cream on eyes; position brown Smarties for pupils and toes. Position red Smarties for nose; position red and green frogs around side of cake. Make single bow from ribbons; position bow under frog’s chin.

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