Firecracker cakes

The start of the BIG BANG! These firecracker cakes are filled with popping candy - watch the children's faces when the candy spills out cutting the cake!
Firecracker cakes




1.Cut 3 x 10.5cm, 2 x 9cm and 3 x 8cm rounds from cakes using cutters. Use 3.5cm cutter to cut centres from two of the 8cm rounds and one of the 9cm rounds. Use 5.5cm cutter to cut centres from two of the 10.5cm rounds. Split one of each centre through the middle to make two rounds.
2.Stack the same-sized rounds on top of each other, securing with a little frosting. Secure to cake board with a little frosting. Pour popping toppings into centre of each cake. Top each cake with one of the cut-out rounds to fill each cake hole. Discard remaining cake pieces. Secure all three stacks with skewers, trimming skewers as required.
3.Divide frosting into three bowls. Tint red, yellow and blue. Using picture as a guide, spread frostings over cakes.
4.Secure M&M’s around cakes. Using scissors, cut licorice into three 4cm thin strips. Position on top of cakes as wicks.

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