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Fire-breathing dragon cake

Sparky the fire-breathing dragon, lives in the sky! Sparky the dragon is a really fun cake and sure to be a hit with all the boys and girls.
Sparky, the fire−breathing dragon
1H 30M
1H 40M




1.Preheat oven to 150°C. Line oven tray with baking paper.
2.Place boiled lollies in the ziptop bag. Using a rolling pin or meat mallet, gently pound the lollies until broken into small pieces. Place lolly pieces on the oven tray. Heat in oven for 10 minutes or until lollies have melted. Use the back of a metal spoon to even out the mixture. Cool on tray. Break into 2 wing shapes.
3.Using the cutter, cut a circle from centre of cake; reserve. Cut larger cake in half crossways; cut one half in half again. Cut the reserved 7cm cake round in half crossways, then cut one of the halves in half again to form a wedge for the tail (reserve remaining wedge for another use). Using the picture as a guide, arrange cake pieces on board to form body and tail of dragon.
4.Cut one doughnut into quarters. Arrange around body of dragon to form feet. Secure with frosting. Stack remaining doughnuts at front of body to form the head.
5.Stack 3 wafer sticks on top of each other, securing with a little frosting. Repeat with remaining wafer sticks and position side by side in front of doughnuts to form nose. Secure entire cake to cake board with a little frosting.
6.Tint frosting green; reserve 1 tablespoon. Spread remaining frosting all over cake.
7.Arrange snakes in front of nose as fire. Trim licorice for nose and eyes; secure onto 2 marshmallow pieces with reserved frosting then position onto cake. Cut ice-cream wafers into different sized spikes; secure down head and back of dragon. Position M&M’s and bananas on cake. Cut remaining marshmallow into thin strips and position on cake for teeth and claws. Place wings into back of dragon.

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